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what we believe.

Pentameter in attack, iambic pulse in the veins,
Free verse powered of the street light mains,
An Iliad played out without a shadow
the full moon light.
Euphonic epiphany like Keat's lyre trope,
I am it, iambic's rap's last hope.
My Grandma says I have rhyme talent, and I love her.
and grandmasters of iambic pentameter

How are your chains, do they make you behave
Keep you over here, by your overseer
Fallen from grace down from heaven
place in the sun

Iambic pentameter (pentameter)
Nihilism, cynicism, catechism, jingoism, jism
Hypnotism, mesmerism, poetic symbolism
Analyze my memoirs, runnin' on eight, four poetic meter 
Soarin' way beyond 
Iambic pentameter or juvenile flam 
Unsyncopated soul, piercin' earlobes
to your master plan fell; your shit's abyssmal.
Decimal point zero for the judge burnin' rhyme books.
Fuck basic, iambic pentameter just dissolves,