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When there's pink champagne by candlelight
We will bring champagne by candlelight
While the bubbles rise, a violin will improvise
And we'll drink
will get the spotlight all night 
Each and every time we play 
You will be my vixen 
As we improvise 
Delivering a captivating performance every time
to concentrate
On the peddle-pumping rhythm
Of the eighty-eight

You and I could
Cuddle up and
Cut a rug
Or kiss and hug
Until we see
Paradise is waiting for you
So lay back

Lay back
Close your eyes
Let me improvise
I only wish
To pleasure you
Over and over again

My time
I improvise
And provide a break from normality
Another day to celebrate
intimate things
Oh but it was just a dream
As real as it seems
I improvise
And provide a break from normality
Another day to celebrate
Intimate things

Oh but it was just a dream
As real as it seems
tours over in Iraq
And, son, it was over before it was even on.

Call a Marine
Instead of 911
They’re built to improvise, adapt and overcome
The things I wanna do with you
Like a physical kind of blue
Come on baby let's get to it

I want a lover that can improvise
I want a lover that can make
think you're all alone
No one's help to come around
Drop like flies and improvise
And I know now that I will someday
And I know that I will suffocate
they ain't into guys

And mess with other girls part time to improvise

I knew she wouldn't vibe

No I seen her inner eyes

But I'm like any other guy
you how to improvise
Reminiscent of the Wild Style '75
'Cause it's the brothers on the mic occupying the drums
Taking four emcees and make them sound
it's plain as as can be so
All of the time I improvise by making sure
It's to wait for you
Pulled rounder 

And I know and you don't, 'cause I know
If we could find a way
To break from these constraints

If I told you we need to improvise
Need some
The words of questions
The wrong answers lead you down
And we improvise
Every silent face you make
And it seems to 
Reduce us to this now
improvise and be creative
You've got a lot to give
And you've got a life to live

Don't put it off another minute longer
Don't go all soft, you've gotta
party people, it's about that time

[Jurassic 5]
And together, we'll show you how to improvise
Reminiscent of the Wild Style '75
Cause it's
we move, lines blurring fact and fiction.
We merely improvise.

You wonder about the truth and which version's mine.
What's wrong with losing
Were the ones 
with the runaway eyes 
Were the ones 
who can improvise 
is there doom 
in the hard situation? 
We believe in 
of the time I improvise by making sure it's to wait for you
Pulled rounder, pulled rounder, pulled rounder, pulled rounder
Singed by it, pulled
Driving this road down to paradise
Letting the sunlight into my eyes
Our only plan is to improvise
And it's crystal clear
That I don't ever want
Standing at the crosswalk
Wonder which direction to go.
Listen to the smalltalk
Claiming how they told me so.

I improvise,
Have to keep going
milling helplessly 
The script is blowing out to sea.
But what the hell, 
We didn't even pass an audition.
The lines you'll have to improvise
to improvise

Checking out the five star atmosphere
You want some expertise
If you got treasure, I'll pay you for the pleasure
It'll bring you to your knees
see a light

Harmony break, dark awakes, in old eyes 
The trouble, feel it
Here to stay, mark the way, 
Improvise the judgment hearing

"do I improvise this?"
"just be obscure. hello doctor.."
"hello sweetie, how are you today, oh hello patient, how are you