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Painful inflammation now magnified
Pussing and gagging on lymphoclots
Communicable through ingestion of crotch rot
Gagging pick
whether it was an adolescent craving for attention
Or the accidental ingestion of a psychedelic substance,
The results were terrifying"
I'm in the void 
Haunted by insecurity 
Bipolar asymmetry 

Our new vision of passion and obsession 
Is planetary ingestion 
There is no
a taste of the glory
By the ingestion of a siple truth
You can take a look around
See the outside, see the inside too

Are you on a road to nowhere?
The drug is in, invades within 
The third eye is opening 
Dimethyltryptamine and harmine 
Natural secretions of the mind 

Ingestion, convulsion
Life has stabbed you in the back
In violent ecstasy
Swift, vengeful hate
Their blood shall stain your pores
Microscopic ingestion
Causing some ingestion
He finished with a great big fart and

She knew at that one moment
That song was something
She heard before
So she asked him

So many deeds
So many deeds


All members partaking
In human ingestion
Knew no other diet
No other way of life
it affects 1 in every 5 people
It's so lethal the cure can't be achieved through
Hypodermic needles or the ingestion of medicine in teaspoons
If you
Hypodermic needles or the ingestion of medicine in teaspoons
If you feel the need to
Here's a toll-free number, they'll send you an 8-page pamphlet for you
food for thought too hot for ingestion
spit wrecking every intestine in your mid-section
blaze and scathe your place of residence
no trace of evidence