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a bitch
Named J to the A to the N-E
Can't wait to meet her
I'm gonna kill 'er
Cause that little motherfucking cheetah can't hang with a guerrilla

On se voit après les cours et je progresse au ping-pong
Dans les soirées rap, j'attaque freestyle au mic
Mountain bike l'obstacle avec une paire de Nike
cherchant du pétrole dans le Guatemala

Si vous voyez Estelle dites-lui mes amis
Que je bande pour elle, que j'en perds l'appétit
Qu'on se remettra
la balle
Comme dans une partie de ping pong

Je mens, tu mens, ne mens pas
Mentez, mentez, mentez moi

Mon ami toho
my enemy 
Enemies, enemy, when will I see? 
Enemies, enemy R.I.P. 

Where you gonna run when God want to do ya? 
J. Edgar Hoover, I wish I woulda
Dä Ein drink leever Wasser
Un dä Andre leever Wing
Die miehste stonn op Zärtlichkeite
Masochiste stonn op Ping.
Dä Ein freut
Wagon Wagon

"If I'm gonna die
I'm going out riding the wagon"

[Violent J]
Hear it comes, the horrifying midnight wagon
Saggin, laggin, dead bodies
the leanest
Shout out the one Jose Nenis
Hit 'em with the rhyme
And the rhyme don't stop 
Yeah we got the beat
And the beat go drop
The ping pong paddle
the heck, you gives rhymes like a cheque
Because the A is for apple, the J is for 'ja back to book bets'
and then S-K-double O-Be on mansel
So if ya happy
to put ya strap on ya side
Nigga who ride who ride

South-side, South-side
If anybody know bout paper-chasing its me
Playboy J to the, E-N-D
bug, need pesticide
Mary J. Blige, real love you should exercise

Is it me or is it him?
Is it ours or is it yours?
See, ya mind’s still locked
ton walkman
L'argent, la boisson, la fumée et les femmes
Je nagerai avec les femmes et un micro dans une piscine
Si j'avais l'occasion de partir loin
Viens faire un tour dans ce qu'on appelle le ghetto
D'la pisse dans l'ascenseur, si tu daignes quitter ta Merco
On a l'humeur foncée, j'vois des mecs
J'ai vu ce noir c'est mon ciel,
Rappelle toi qu'une fois mort bah tu seras s√Ľrement seul
J’ai recherché l'essentiel, couvert sous un lin seuil,
Balls the size of ping-pong
I had him souped like won-ton
I put the beat on
And on my ass he skeet on
I put the heat on young gun
Fresh meat
the size of ping-pong
I had him souped like won-ton
I put the beat on
And on my ass he skeet on
I put the heat on young gun
Fresh meat he season
me perds encore un peu la nuit
Ce n'est pas pareil, ce n'est pas pas pareil sans toi
Tu es si loin d'ici
Mais tu me gardes le cŇďur o√Ļ j'ai grandi
esmarelda zella
Anyway they had sex on a ouiji board
And I was born the next day, violent j
When I was 14, I tripped on the train track
And I was crushed
This might seem wrong, but this is a mean song
Crushed like king-kong, and just like ping-pong
Back and forth, I spit knowl' and toss, it's time
they had sex on a oija board
And I was born the next day
(who?) violent j
When I was 14 I tripped on the train track
And I was crushed right there,
ils refusent le mariage
On a le statut de victime, gosses illégitimes de Marianne
Derrière les barricades, rien ne change j'te rassure
Oui c'est
Was to check y'all
We ain't afraid (ping!)
Gotta ?? niggas down together like the slave days
A real nigga on some black shit
I'm not a racist
I'm down
- format it"
[Repeat: x 4]

[Verse 3: DMX & Mary J. Blige (Busta Rhymes)]
Swizz is the monster, x is the beast
Fuckin' wit bus, man everyday is

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