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Over the Rhine


Troubadours on the Rhine: A Trio Performance (Loreena McKennitt)

Writers B. Eggers, J. Eggers
Copyright 1970

It ain't fair for you to leave me cold and cryin' in the night
It ain't fair to take your body from my
J. B. you know that I need you, Lord I need you in South Korea

Sweetheart please don't you worry, I just begin to fly in the air
Sweetheart please
Take good care of what you've got
My father said to me
As he puffed his pipe and baby B.
He dandled on his knee
Don't fool with fools who'll turn
Omar Pitts, D. J. Threat
Big Mellow, D. J. Screw
Aunt Nettie "Rest in peace"
Uncle Frank, Harold Guy
Poetic, Gravediggaz
Fred Jordan, Ted
Guy Mitchell
Written by Robert Hargreaves, Stanley J. Damerell, Tolchard Evans, and Henry B. Tilsley

Peaked at # 16 in 1951
(D. Vaughn, M. Clayton, B. St.James, J. Lomenzo)
Hah hah, be careful now
Lucy would swear she made a deal with the devil
I don't know but it
gonna turn you to stone
You'll be petrified to dust and bone
You'll be petrified nothing can help you now

Written by: B. Liebling & J. Hasselvander
M.F. sample}
Introducing Mayte (Hello darling, so where're we gonna go?)
Tony M., Kirky J. and Damon D.
(I wanna be loved 2 the 9's, 2 the 9's) {Love 2
too short, I ain't g ot no time

G ot one life, it?s gonna be mine

Livin? w ild and free, don't w ant no J.O. B.

Well now, the la ndlord?s knocking,
shit's real
You a target, niggaz in Houston want you killed
Facemob until it's over, Southside the pipes
Dirty Third in this bitch, J. Prince for life
David Dubinsky and Minsky and Wernher Von Braun
Oh boy!

Oh boy!
Buffalo Bill Cody
Oh boy!
Truman Capote
Oh boy!
Newton B. Minow, Knute Rockne
font semblant de vivre

Et puis
Tous nus dans le désert
Tu me feras la guerre
Un peu comme dans un film
De Lawrence d'Arabie
Ou de Cecil B.
M. J. B.

Uh yea, now girl step up to Kiss
You sippin' red zyphandile, step up to crys
The coupe got 19's, the chain's got nice gleam
Aw yeah-now that ain't Al B. Sure!

'Ya know I always see the lady
She drives me crazy all night
Except my baby doesn't know
I need
(Stat Quo!) Mary J! (Mary J!) Blige! (Blige!)
B. Cox on the track! (B. Cox man!)
I want all the kush
I want all the bottles
I want all the cash
I want all the models
I want it all
I want it all

[Verse 1: B. Martin]
(Stat Quo!) Mary J! (Mary J!) Blige! (Blige!)
B. Cox on the track! (B. Cox man!)
Known as Bernie B. on 9-1-7 Bass
And G.I. Joe, who has the girls by the row
He always gets cased 'cause his game is gettin' slow
And last but not
oky-dokie running around like
Don Quixote, trying to free a man he
Didn't even know B.
He had the roots he bought the suits

But the boys didn't like him
glad to say
Tech ain't need a track and turn me loose like J. Obama way
So you know I gotta do it like I'm spazzin'
I really get it crackin', never
to the lyricists MC's
And DJ's that brought me near to this

Blastmaster, KRS-One the teacher
Run D-M-see and the movie Beat Street
Erik B. and Rakim was Paid
(joey b. crissy j.)

take a moment
Hear the sky
Take notice
You fear a lie
Don't kill another dream tonight
Don't run from something you
the Bill Clinton scandal 

Impeach em, then I Erick can B. President 

Pass a law, hardcore in the residence 

Act fool, turn shit out, no doubt
Mo B. Dick

We Gangstafied (Yes you know, yes you know ,yes you know)
We Gangstafied (This is for the real tru Gangstas)
We Gangstafied
with wings
Preaching his word in the B. Boy sing
I am one with myself as I turn to thee
Prefer the dreams to reality
I prefer my life don't need no other