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what the hell was 43% of this place thinking - we watch the shuttle launch - read J.D. Salinger - I know one teacher I wish was on the Challenger - How-
Steal from the rich and I'm out robbing banks 
Give to the poor and I always give thanks 
Got more stories that J.D. Salinger 
I hold the title and you
Meshach, Abednago)
Steal from the rich and I'm out robbing banks 
Give to the poor and I always give thanks 
Got more stories than J.D's got Salinger
the bodies of any challengers
I?ll leave my mark then disappear like J.D. Salinger,
As whack emcee?s continue scuffin? their knees,
Suckin? the dicks
des fleurs pour Salinger
Locataire d'un monastère
Des fleurs pour Salinger
Oh! Oh! Oh!

Je ferais semblant d'être sourd-muet
Et j'épouserais cette
pushed the people up and back and 'round about
He squeezed so many in he squeezed the engineer out

J. C. Cohen, what a great conductor
How he'd moan, step
Omar Pitts, D. J. Threat
Big Mellow, D. J. Screw
Aunt Nettie "Rest in peace"
Uncle Frank, Harold Guy
Poetic, Gravediggaz
Fred Jordan, Ted
A. Dobbins - alt. sax, J. Hudson - brt. sax
J. Wimby - piano, G. Holloway Jr. - bass
D. J. Clark - drums.
Recorded Atlanta, GA. Oct. 16, 1951
write of you
Dream, dream, day and night of you
Scheme just for the sight of you
Baby, but what good does it do?
I've been consulted by Franklin D.
(L. Poterat / D. Olivieri / N. Rastelli / T. Rallo)
J'attendrai le jour et la nuit
J'attendrai toujours ton retour
J'attendrai car l'oiseau qui
La fleur de ma patrie
(M. Provençal. J. Chénard / M. Provençal. J. Chénard)

Le cri de mon enfance
Un mystère dans la nuit
L’endroit de ma
J. J. Cale's my hero, best I ever heard
But you gotta sing a little louder, hoss, 'cause I can't hear the words
Some folks call it rock and roll,
they covered our eyes?

Give us names to separate us
Sit back and watch us beef and make us hate us! SAY WHAT!?!?!
I'm done talking
Mary J. Blige,
L.L. Cool J. is hard as hell
Battle anybody I don't care who you tell
I excel, they all fail
I'm gonna crack shells, double-L must rock the bells
Dow with Mike D. And it ain't no hassle
Got the ladies of the eighties from here to White Castle

Hold it now (hold it now, hold it now) hit it!
M.F. sample}
Introducing Mayte (Hello darling, so where're we gonna go?)
Tony M., Kirky J. and Damon D.
(I wanna be loved 2 the 9's, 2 the 9's) {Love 2
the sound of metal
I go into shock

So mister D. J. play just one for me
You know the one with the crashin' and the screams
'Cause only one thing really
friend and every fan 
and every radio D. J. too. 
Every reggae reporter, producer, promoter 
I'd just like to say thank you. 
And all the youth I stand
Writers B. Eggers, J. Eggers
Copyright 1970

It ain't fair for you to leave me cold and cryin' in the night
It ain't fair to take your body from my
Hey girls
Hey boys
Superstar d.j's
Here we go
Late night Lovin' Man Track#3
Jerry Lee Lewis
(J. Boyne, D. Beattie, D. Lowe)
Electra Recording 1971 (3rd last recording)
(I need a boyfriend. )
J'ai besoin d'un homme
J'ai besoin d'un chum
I need a man
I need a boyfriend
J'ai besoin d'un homme
I need
would D.J.
We took a walk down to the bay

I hope she'll say, 
Hey me and you should hit the hay
I asked her out, she said, no way
I should
you gonna do
Jannet J. in the house
Pat Bain's in the house

Richard Consen's in the house...
Good night Amsterdamn
Now I want you all to break
Et j’écoutais longtemps couler l'eau des fontaines
Et j’écoutais le vent chanter infiniment
Vagues de quiétude et de paix
D'aussi loin que je me