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J. edgar hoover, and he coulda proved to you
He had king and x set up
Also the party with newton, cleaver and seale
He ended, so get up
Bond for a running mate,

Now if the CIA, and the IRS, and the FCC,
Found out that J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI owned stock in AT&T,
And the UAW,
heebie-jeebies for Beebe's, Bathysphere
I got through Shirley Temple, and I'm here

I've gotten through Herbert and J. Edgar Hoover
Gee, that was fun
and J. Edgar Hoover,
Gee, that was fun and a half.
When you've been through Herbert and J. Edgar Hoover,
Anything else is a laugh.
I've been through
my enemy 
Enemies, enemy, when will I see? 
Enemies, enemy R.I.P. 

Where you gonna run when God want to do ya? 
J. Edgar Hoover, I wish I woulda
Yeah, I'm talkin to all the J. Edgar Hoovers
That are still left in there
All the big brothers that are watching
I hope you're listenin
Cause the bad shit
Edgar Hoover
To leave to Switzerland, type maneuvers

Through the eyes of an everyday, street veteran
Chased for Presidents, throw up
J. Edgar Hoover, 
President Nixon, President Johnson, Martha Mitchell
And her husband or her man or her woman 
Ethel Kennedy, all the Kennedy's
Luther King’s head
Like they killed Malcolm X, Edgar Hoover did that
You can catch me in the hood where they shooting niggas at
They don’t know if
Hmm, hmm, hmm, j'ai des doutes j'ai des affreux,
Hmm, hmm, hmm, les affreux de la creation,
Hmm, hmm, hmm, comprenne qui veut pas si con,
rap about protect
They loosin' the manuevers that Edgar Hoover reenacted
Being on my black shit, they be tryna silence me
But to do that shit, they
might get hyper just like positive on a night shift
Fresh wes is the smoothest show and prover
Like j. degar hoover, I make a ? ? ? maneuver
Ain't no
with gonnorrhea
I'll do a freak show in North Korea, burning the flag
while Jay Edgar Hoover politicians dress up in drag
Try to confuse you, makin'
Je vais vous déculotter d´un petit coup mes souvenirs
Du temps ou j´étais mac je fumais pas des clops
On montait sur des coups sans avoir le
Je suis né Kevin d'état civil
Et de parents pas très finauds
Qui préfèrent le bodybuilding et le tuning
A la poésie d'Edgar Poe
Chez moi quand
La petite Madeleine que j'ai connue à Saint-Lazare
Je l'ai Choisy pour son superbe Corvisart
Elle avait le Saint-Placide et un sacré Buzenval
We're all doomed!
Leo Tolstoy: Yes!
Honoré de Balzac: Oui...
Edgar Allen Poe: Aaaarrrggghhhh!
Charlotte Brontë: Hello...
Emily Brontë: Hello...
the wheels
Hold 'em up I'll show you how we rep-in-the-south
Tall tees, jeans creesed, J's step in the south
And any hater runnin up finna get left in
Pumas b****, it's all about them new edition shoes
You get them LL Cool J coolin' systems
Think I finally maneuvered to 8 Mile and Hoover
And somehow I
Pumas bitch, it's all about them new edition shoes
You get them LL Cool J coolin' systems
Think I finally maneuvered to 8 Mile and Hoover
And somehow I
Anderson still in the stable

From the land of lost dreams and broken pavements
Kids get killed right where Edgar Allan Poe wrote The Raven
Our great
before the ganja's gone, da summa

[Chorus: x4]

Pass the E and J, Koop. Then let's take a ride and shoot
To the high school, North Side where
cause J.B., stay up homie
If you locked in the box keep making it through
Do your time (do your time) don't let your time do you
You looking at a man
keep makin' it through
Do your time, do your time, don't let your time do you

To my brother Mikey Mike, stay up homie
To my 'cause J.B., stay up homie
G's, Hoover Crips and the 40's
School Yard, Shotgun, Averline too
Won't sleep on the S.C.C. crew
And if the D.L.'s, Pueblos and Nic's want to choose this

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