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I served with Jack Kennedy
I knew Jack Kennedy
Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine
Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy
I slept with Jack Kennedy

You wanna know what else!?
They slept with Jack Kennedy!
Talk about your bad pigs! Really.

Oh, I'm sorry Girls.
to touch the face of God."
PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN (Other quotes)(source of last phrase)

"I have as much experience in the Congress as Jack Kennedy did
in peace, Jack and Bobby Kennedy, let it be
Where did Amphetamine originate? It’s man made
The war on drugs is just a motherfuckin band aid
Tearing down forests just to earn a buck

Killed off literature for sex and violence
Fed a generation the equivalent of silence
Dragged jack down
Remember Janice and Jimmy
Kennedy and King
How they cried

I sang to you the songs of Lamb and Jack
You were Greta Garbo and I was Cadillac
And we
Singin' out loud, every single word of "Jack & Diane"
Tryin' to pretend there was no rules 
Kissin' on boys and sneakin' in bars 
Tryin' to get a glimpse
New Jack sit, like G and Nino 

Shit is real dunn, me and Hav rap for guns 

You just a son, you be hung by the skin on your tongue 

Jack your shit, take your car for a test drive (Ah shit)
Gangbanin' out the window hollering let's ride
Gotta keep a tec by the bedside
These niggas
A tin can of worms is what's killing me
My vegetarian mind just wants to let it be
I'm the kid on the street I'm your Kennedy
Anomaly a bloody
dem boys
Phone check, collect call from the baller
Her mama said please don't call her
Do-Wah-Diddy, far from New Jack City
Seen one of my peers,
the Harris's, and the muthafuckin Timleys
The theories, the buyers, the Kennedy's
You know the families that are known to be bad for humanity
Can he be bad,
Move fat packs, Jack Gleason
The honeymoon's over with the streets, yeah
Least see my kids on the weekend
Carter, new Kennedy
No ordinary Joe,
Aftermath, "0" five, G-Unit, "0" six
Everything else is gymnastics, watch the dough flip
Sittin' on the couch, smokin' up memories
Pourin' Jack Daniels,
psychopathic tendencies
Lonely as your neighbors with the bitches, he got special needs
Word to my denim fiends, I'm Kennedy on ecstasy
My flavor from
don't know jack
The Giant and his crew are ill
We're sick-ass convicts, we're hard to kill

My boys from New York         (Is hard to kill)
The brothers
Chrome ratches, the whole package
I'll beat Moses on the head with them stone tablets

I killed Kennedy, brains blown all over Onassis
I'll hold my own
did a scream
Audi coupe looking good so I went and copped it
Got that TT poppin' like a trending topic
My ride is matte black
My pride is that jack
niggaz they be fakin' jacks.
Best, what, to back up before you get smacked up.
You act up; reload the clip; now back up.
Straight up, don't let me
witnessing me blow up
Like seeing a tank of gas explode
And I'm, I'm high like a flight I'm sitting back of coach
By the window sipping Jack and Cokes
nadie me ha apaga'o
Quieren sembrar el miedo como Jack the Ripper
Y ustedes meten mano, es verdad, pero en los zipper
Y no me importa si tienen combo,