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Soul Surfing

Jack it up, jack up (…)  

With your help, turn you on 
Huuuh bop bop (…) 

Jack it up, jack up (…)  
Huuuh bop bop (…)
Get up Jack, crack your head 
Sweatin' whiskey in my bed 
Ain't you heard a word I've said 
Get up Jack 
Get up Jack, read the news 
See if you
to the boil
Forget all your family and friends
Heroin becomes guardian to the end

Sad dependency
Brain fried society

Jack up

Power of deception
Jack you up [x4]

This is a heart attack waiting to happen
Love me hard till I break inside
For all the people I got something you can suck
powder god brings life to the boil
Forget all your family and friends
Heroin becomes guardian to the end
[Sad dependency - Brainfried society]
Something's up with Jack
Something's up with Jack
Don't know if we're ever going to get him back

He's all alone up
scooter that night
Johnny had a jacks up Chevy that could blow you right off the line
Skinheads tats and a Fred Perry
There's a was in the cemetery
In the night, we run around in the streets
Jack up on life in hell
Thunder love has struck us again
Where apparitions are the sinful spell
Sunday, and mum was cleaning up jack's room
I could call it, the beginning of this household's doom
After knowing her son for 18 years, she did not
that as it may,
Early in the morning you could hear his father say:

Wee Jack, Jack get up, no more time for sleeping,
Wee Jack, Jack get
more, can you play some more
Lif it up, jack it up, pull it up, come again now
Can you play some more, can you play some more

Verse 1: 

Without di
Ying Yang, Collipark
Get back, get back
Jack it up

Do you like what you see?
Bet you want a piece of me
Do you like what you see?
What you
breaking up the peaceful night
Jack-rabbit lying in the cold daylight
To reach out 
To the kids 
He once had 
Who have flown 

But there was a time 
When the kids reached up 
And Papa Jack just 
Pushed them away
drags himself up
Falls back down on his arse
In a puddle of blood
Going Goodbye Mummy
Goodbye Goodbye
Jack doubles over
And he vomits and dies
nobody's fool
So don't be actin' surprised when your daughter
Wants it bad as you

You jack up the rent, you call in a loan
Clear your intent is to screw 'em
The steam is a burning,
Workin' up and down the line,
The pot is getting ready,
He's been working it so hard,
When it comes to lovin',
Big jack
Sunday, mom was cleaning up Jack's room,
I could call it the beginning of this household's doom.
After knowing her son for eighteen years, 
his back
The monkey grabbed his neck and said, "Now, listen, Jack
Straighten up and fly right, straighten up and fly right
Straighten up and fly

Well, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Jack jumped over the candlestick
He jumped so high up above
He landed in the cradle of love

Jack and Jill
Up and down the hill
And try to put Humpty together again

Close your sleepy eyes and listen
While we take a little hop
The candy
a ride;
Said I wouldn't be sorry, but she was just a baby.
Hey, waitress, pour me another cup of coffee,
Pop it down, jack me up, shoot me out, flyin'
me and all my dreams
Lost at sea

Jack it up Judy, set your heart alight
Mayfair mistress of the satellites
Misspent youth - faking up a rampage
Trev' on the drums
Grand Ole Opry, here we come, uh

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick
Jack up the spoon on the candlestick
Dopestick pimpin' on the one-trick
Motors and lights
Knobs and switches
And a four-wheel drive
Runnin' up the road
Or crawlin' cross the farm
And when they break down
I jack