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safely away
And lie on top
Pop the latches, open the hatches
Out comes Jack in the Box
Doing tricks and taking licks
Out comes Jack in the Box
I was
works at
the Jack-In-The-Box, named Lucille, who gives him
an unpronounceable disease...
J jump joyful jumble around.
Juniper, Jan, Jane, John.
J jump joyful jumble around.
Jack-in-the-box jumping all over town!
Jingle jangle junk summer
For millions of girls and for millions of boys
When Christmas Day is here
The most wonderful day of the year!

A jack in the box waits for
to dance the cowboy,
Hanging out at Jack In the Box
But eat at Taco Bell.
Hanging out at Jack In the Box
But eat at Taco Bell
cosmic industry
In different aspects of this circus maximus
Can you truly see behind my clows mask?
So like a monster jack in the box
Always in search for
a looking glass girl
In a miniature world
She saw you dressed in rags
In-and-out of a jack-in-a-box
Because she's a looking glass girl
In a miniature
Have no money but I have a plan
Not so funny I gotta scam
Home cooked meals are not for me
I gotta eat out tonight, can't you see
Jack in the Box
The West-coast Warlord,
The Grand Wizard,
Ice Cube,
Motherfuckers head so big they call him jack in the box

[Verse 1]
I'm a superhero, like
a looking glass girl
In a miniature world
She saw you dressed in rags
In-and-out of a jack-in-a-box

Because she's a looking glass girl
In a miniature
No secret Jack in this box
To help the pain within

Quiet country roads and trees
Birds singing from a cage
You understand you just lost one
for the fourth year
Guess I'm too lazy to find a better job.

Maybe I'll see if k-marts' still hirin,
Or get an application at Jack-in-the-Box
Look hard at what you see and then remember you and me and let the truth spring free

Like a jack-in-the-box
Like a hundred-thousand cuckoo clocks
the backstreet
I jump up like Jack-in-the-Box, strangle the shit out yo' ass
Clean up the mess and, get away from the cops

[Chorus: x2]

I could be
wish-list, still look interested an not pissed,
Sprung you like a jack in the box, when I was handling my business,
Now its back up, so many skanked asses
dance upon stages of dead roses and don your primordial crown of poison thorns.
Ah, a Jack in the box are you then? Hiding inside and astounding me with
what I'm saying, homie I ain't playing

Keep thinking I'm candy 'till ya fucking skull get popped
And ya brain jump out the top like Jack-in-the-box
eggplant head jack in the box
Now he seems so useless, People say he's useless,
Sometimes he gets mad
Witness Jonathan Fallow wasting talent & time
back on the blocks! 
Crotch popping out my pants like Jack in the Box! (Boing!) 
I can't help it cause my pants are so tight 
I grabbed the wrong
Jack in a box and here I am
YouÂ're favourite mirror and your only honest reflection and your
I am you deepest fear, the one youÂ'll always
And a heart that beats
Like a tap that leaks
In the night when you haven’t got a plumber who can stop it
Jack in a box without a key to lock it
Well this
me a freak jack-in-the-box, yeah I'll go on
A tight skirt and a tail makin crazy mail
In living colour, gumbo from my mother
Roller coaster, toast,
to do him
You seen 'em at Jack In The Box
He was mackin a lot, to some rats in a drop
Now you call The Beat and The Power, dedicate songs every hour
ass with it twice, make him A-Town Stomp
In gats we trust
Niggaz play a lot of games dog, but not with us

Call me, 'Jack In The Box', hop out with two

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