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Johnny go, go Johnny go.

One Johnny went in the factory flame
One Johnny did all his laundry
One hippie Johnny, (rented a ball)
Blew out what was his
Bounce with them ta tas 
Don't stop 

(Dance threw the cha cha for me ma mama 
Shake and make it drop drop for your pa papa 
Come on) 

[Chorus 2: Johnny
a local boy like me is coming from
3rd base, Dodger Stadium
3rd base, Dodger Stadium

Back around the 76 ball
Johnny Greeneyes had his shoeshine stall
You fought all the way Johnny Reb

When Honest Abe heard the news about your fall
The folks thought he'd call a great victory ball
But he asked
a great victory ball
But he asked the band to play the song, Dixie
For you Johnny Reb and all that you believed

'Cause you fought all the way, Johnny
Football, baseball, basket ball games
Drinkin bear, kickin ass and takin down names
With the top down, get-a-round, shootin the line
Summer is
to learn
To be better dads
Johnny's mom kept quiet
About her son's sin
Afraid that Dad would beat
The holy shit out of him

Under the disco ball
Johnny's mom was worried
She caught him in the bathroom
With a copy of GQ
The men's fall fashion issue

So she called her pastor
The respected
You fought all the way
Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb
You fought all the way, Johnny Reb

Saw you a-marchin' with Robert E. Lee
You held your
Little Johnny marched out to war
On another kind of human race
Killed a man from foreign land
With a shit eatin' grin on his face
That good
through his brain. 
He digs Jerry Lee Lewis, Dion and The Belmonts, 
And Johnny and The Hurricanes. 

He plays Hound Dog, Oh Boy, 
And Great Balls
through his brain. 
He digs Jerry Lee Lewis, Dion and The Belmonts, 
And Johnny and The Hurricanes. 

He plays Hound Dog, Oh Boy, 
And Great Balls
Off to Dexters lab to write the Johnny Bravo
Grab my dragon ball-z's make Powerpuff Girls swallow
Smash cats, steam roll to a flat disaster
"Where my
Outnumbered a million to one 
All of the dicks in this dick town 
Can't keep Johnny down 
Men piled up in a towering mound 
None of them once has
[1st verse:]
Johnny was bashful and shy
Nobody understood why 
Mary loved him
All the other girls passed him by
Everyone wanted to know
How she
she like to ball
He said "come on Lucy"
"it doesn't matter to me at all"

But miss lucy got a fella
With a flick knife in his hand
Johnny cool
One finger on the button 
one finger up his nose 
Johnny's in some cornfield 
The Early Warning Blows 
Bigger is better 
More is more 
Look up,
Sail the tv round the swimming pool
I want my name in lights a la johnny b. goode
Be an all night loon like a ronnie wood

Don't read the writing
I hang my head down and cry.

Johnny Yuma was a rebel
He roamed through the west
And Johnny Yuma, the rebel
He wandered alone.

He got fightin'
Word on the vine is Johnny got a job
Three days a week at the auto part shop
Come 5 o'clock when he gets paid
Guess we got another reason
Johnny Cool was the king
He was the leader of the boot boys
He'd never cause no trouble
In a rumble make some noise

He heard about some chick
Johnny come lately, all through the county
They come from the city, out here to Green Hill
Driving like bastards
Stomping the throttle
Right or wrong, it's just for fun. And who really cares, we could have a ball.
Well high or low, our hearts are cold. Well that's the only life we
care if you are young or old
Get together and let the good times roll

Don't sit there mumblin', talking trash if you wanna have a ball
You'd better
suck a rats' dick before she'd fuck
Him his brain is full of dirt,
That's why the guy's a jerk,
His balls are gonna burst,
that's why the guy's