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I'm sorry you couldn't make it
You could have seen him, so weathered and dated
He was a Johnny come lately
And I know that you would hate him
to break
But you know
Somehow you know

Suddenly we had to be together
Suddenly the world could fade away
The radio was playing Johnny Come Lately
Johnny come lately, all through the county
They come from the city, out here to Green Hill
Driving like bastards
Stomping the throttle
I remember Johnny - hey!
Johnny come lately
I remember her shoes like a ballerina
A girl called Johnny who

Changed her name when she
I remember Johnny - hey!
Johnny come lately
I remember her shoes like a ballerina
A girl called Johnny who
Changed her name when she
Johnny come lately on a Saturday night
Singin' how-de-do
Backstreet boogie in the house of delight
Where they steal the show
The money come sour
Turn up the jukebox
We're gonna tear this damn place down
Lookin' for action
Yeah, wherever it can be found

I ain't no Johnny-come-lately
plow man, doctor man
Do it yourself man
(Living down on Lemon Road)
Mariann's crazy, Johnny come lately
(Living down on Lemon Road)

Oh, now
We are happy-go-lucky Johnny-come-latelys
Millionaire beach boys in ten-cent shirts
And our pictures are in all the papers
We stole a stone, for
the lights"
Death rainin' out of the London night
We made love 'til dawn

But when Johnny Come Lately comes marching home
With a chest full
game too long.

It doesn't surprise me
We're the Johnny Come Lately's
And we're taking it lightly
Not likely

It doesn't matter now
Because we're all
know why
I want to believe that it's not that way
But I'm johnny come lately, it's not my place to say

There's no escape, tell me why do they try so
through an ocean
With my heart, I'm lost out at sea
And every kind of thought screams misery

So lonely

Im a johnny come lately
But I will not give
I've seen your "Johnny come lately"
Seen your exiled love parade
For you, another hit is so easy
One more mask for the charade

Yeah, you don't
your old friends treat you like you're something new.
Johnny come lately, the new kid in town.
Ev'rybody loves you, so don't let them down.
plow man, doctor man,
Do-it-yourself man
(Living down on Lemon Road)
Marianne Crazy, Johnny Come Lately
(Living down on Lemon Road)
Oh, now listen,
thinking about
But I've been mistreated
And I'm looking for your man
Yes, I'm waiting for your man

Oh, I ain't afraid of your Johnny come lately
Count on me
be the first
And the first shall be the last
But Johnny come lately
Will still be pumping gas

Yesterday's a beggar
Dressed up like a king
Johnny? Who's Johnny?"
"Who's Johnny? Who's Johnny? Who's Johnny?"
"Who's Johnny? Who's Johnny? Who's Johnny?"

Oh, Johnny come lately.

That you can never touch my flow, go ahead and hate me 

Still tryin to fuck my hoe, Johnny-come-latelys? 

Got me in a world of shit, and now I'm
Selling some rights for this Johnny come lately
Like fate in some bars, you think it fucking gon change me?
From the bottom of bottles and it's right back
shoes to polish
Undergrad, this ain’t no humblebrag
I’ve sung one too many Johnny come latelies, now baby come to dad
Cause he don’t need no cheat code
Johnny B. Goode 

Well his mama told a morning you would be a man, 
And you would be the leader of a big old band. 
people go and come from
The sky is grey
He's off for the day
'Cause Johnny don't care what the company say
His cold wet forehead has a strain to take
But he smiles for
Johnny too bad, Johnny too bad
Don't you play come faking, 
You're looking and mistaking, 
Too bad
You're hurrying and you're shooting,