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And Joe lit the filter and then he smoked the whole pack
And Joe bought all the gas in Johnny's old Ford
He always said that's what friends were
shut out the light
Don't you shut out the light

Well on his porch they stretched a banner that said "Johnny Welcome Home"
Bobby pulled his Ford out
(Kim Fowley/Lita Ford)

I got myself a bad lover
His name is Johnny Guitar lookout

Go for it Johnny
All night long
Go for it Johnny
That's where I'm
and Castle
In Ford Capri Orange
And Volkswagen yellow and gold
Johnny drinks, Johnny drinks,
Johnny drinks Johnnie Walker
Till he runs up a bill
The Pope
the Big Black Mariah, I seen the big black Ford

Well, he's all boxed up on a red belle dame
Hunted Black Johnny with a blind man's cane
A yellow bullet
Mariah, I seen the big black Ford

Well he's all boxed up on a red belle dame
Hunted Black Johnny with a blind man's cane
A yellow bullet with a rag out
The drummer was drummn' just like an insane man
They tore off the roof, they knocked down the doors
And Johnny an' his bride drove away in her Ford
Johnny's out cruising down the fast food strip
He rides the high-wheeler Ford
He's down here every evening since the school let out
An ordinary
I'm back on board that '49 Ford in 1956
Long before the sun came up way out in the sticks
The headlight showed a two rut roadway, back up in
at Ford. 
Joe took Freddie's wife. 
Charlotte took a millionaire. 
And Freddie took his life. 

Johnny's big in cattle. Ray is deep in debt. 
Ey kuck mal Johnny
Ey kuck mal ich hör nicht so hippeldie hoppeldie hop
Weisst du ich hör nur so normalerweise klassische Musik
Äh Johann
of your old commodores
Man was I glad to see them
There was Earnest Tubb Marty Robbins Red Foley
Lefty Frizzell Tennessee Ernie Ford
I dreamed I was there
Jimmy B. and Johnny Walker Red
Thought of raising my standard of living
'Cause you know it's never mattered to me
If I was sleeping it off in a Ford
weeks in 1949
-competing versions charted by Bing Crosby (#4), Tennessee Ernie Ford (#9),
-Vaughn Monroe (#10), and Gordon MacRae (#14)
-sung by Vaughn
[Intro: Snoop]
Yeah, I like to dedicate this record right here to my main man
Johnny Cash, a real American gangster
I got my nephew Whitey Ford
Yeah, I like to dedicate this record
Right here to my main man
Johnny Cash, a real American Gangster
I got my nephew Whitey Ford on the guitar
and rottened in our puberty
Two kindred spirits bound by destiny
Well now I was smart but I lacked ambition
Johnny was wild with no inhibition
Was about like
And Dottie West is probably the prettiest
There's the old pea-picker Ernie Ford
Jimmy Rodgers George Morgan Hank Williams 
And the wandering boy Web Pierce
the van.

In Germany the autobahn, 'twas like the Long Mile Road
There was every make of car and van all carrying the full load
Ford Transits and Hiaces
Johnny Guitar, allons-why allons-au
Jean Luc Godard jean Paul Belmondo
Marianne Renoir, la peintre do soir
Je ferai ce que tu voudras

If you want a little lovin', just say so

When I take you drivin' in my stripped down Ford
I can tell by lookin' you're gettin' kind of bored
Es ist der (neue Bugatti), hinter dem du herguckst
Dein aufgemotzter Ford KA behindert den Verkehrsfluss
Zehn mal „Summer“ in dem zehnfach
sings "Swing Low"
At the church in the choir, Sunday dinners on the fire
Colt Ford Danny Boone gettin' mud up on the tires

We represent our folk but
Marcy projects hallway loiterer
Pure coke copper, get your order up
I bring em to Baltimore in the Ford Explorer
It's gonna cost you more if I gotta
yee-haw and then we saddle up

You thought your boy Colt Ford was just a country clown
That bails hay all day and don't know how to get down
Ain't none