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goodnight Sir John Dee

Well light is a medicine to all of us
With which we feed the silver lamb
That walks beside the wolf of the trinity
They say her
Short John is my doctor, and he sho' is good to me
Yes I'm puttin' on John down, Short John's my man and he sho' is good to me
When I treat him
fathers 45?s
Lightnin? Hopkins and Patsy Cline
If a song could be president

If a song could be president
We could all add another verse
Life would teach us
Nicky Hopkins, George Harrison and John
Lennon, Paul McCartney.
Richard Perry, who's producing this masterpiece, Bill Schnee, ever smiling, ever
Ladies And Gentlemen Gather 'Round! I Have Some News For You!

ain't no cure'
That night john he died
And the bell witch never came again
Soon they realized, the witch had
Given John bad medicine
of Nazareth, Son of Orflec the butcher"

We know lord, from John 3:16, that you so loved the world
That you sent your only son to die for us
Your only son
game, damn, forgot I got a warrant
Got in, laid down, then start snorin'
P-O kickin' ya door in, for in the mornin'
You blockin' my lane-lane like John
got a warrant
Got in, laid down, then start snorin'
P-o kickin' ya door in, 4 in the mornin'
You blockin' my lane-lane like john stockton
I pledge my allegiance,
To rhythm and sound.
Music is my medicine,
Let the rhythm pound

And play it loud, baby play it loud
Play it loud, baby
They call me, Dr. John, The Night Tripper
Got my sizzling Gris-Gris in my hand
Day trippin' up, back down by you
I'm the last of the best
Don't think twice
I still believe it John, we lived those nights
Like we were dyin' on the long haul drives
For our Maria, with the ragged sails
out for the doctor, who pulls down the shade
And says, "My advice is to not let the boys in"
Now, the medicine man comes and he shuffles inside
You're tryin' make me you by seasoning 
Up my mind with see Jane run, see John walk in a hardcore New York 
It doesn't exist no way, no how 
It seems
out for the doctor who pulls down the shade
Says, "My advice is to not let the boys in"

Now the medicine man comes and he shuffles inside
He walks
Coast to coast
The real Canadians, the real Canadians, the real Canadians 

From the Malahat, to Kitimat, to Medicine Hat to Uranium City
the man could see just fine
'Cause he left everything to Jesus Christ in John 9

Hey, you know this song is strange
I know you're droolin' at the thought
I'm in the crib butt naked bitch
She said my dick could be the next black president
Americans hate that I'm American
Medicine, I treat it like
that Lex shit
Statewide to oversea tours, nigga reck shit
Calisthetics and Tae Bo, on some flex shit
Mike Piazza, John Franco, on some Mets shit
Daddy had a name tag that said, "Busy Working"
Mommy had a milk carton that said, "Missing Person"
John had a new baseball glove, with nobody to learn
the Beach Boys, brought his heaters and medicine
Pete Townsend: internet pedophile and queer
Micheal's been buggin', fuckin' these boys for twenty-two years
on analog sounds  pounds of rocket tars 

Microchips incredible antibiotic medicine  better than Octo 

Although created by the master genius 

You seen
be wearing my Letterman jacket
Reach in your pocket (Mollies) medicine packet
Let 'em attack it cause that's my regular tactic
‘Cuz that's what
wait a, minute, cause I'm in it to win it
With the freestyle flow I steal the show like John Benett
But then it, really wouldn't matter to a nigga
get in y'all body
I even claimed the life of mobster John Gotti
Have you had a checkup? If no is your answer
Then let me introduce myself, my name is

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