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Particle Zoo

Optimism, about the faith of the people 
That have accepted of the mission of improbable, 
To become some particle, purged
By the discourage
Leave em bleedin in particles for them biases articles
I'm mashin and blastin so get the casket
I bet you after this I get a fuckin hip-hop classic
(You ain't evil)

Talkin' 'bout somebody tryin' to playa hate you
Actually I like you but fuck wit my squad the German A.K.'ll hit you
Ever seen what
up, I got to beat em
When I see me, T-Roller cut off his scrotum
Leave em bleedin' in particles for them biases articles
I'm mashin' and blastin' so
Check it, I'm ahead of 'em, chop it up with the veteran
A legend developin', they gotta tell 'I'm it's evident
Gotta notice an elephant, none