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Yindji êh! Ni' ga Miri ltaga lo' N manh Yindji Oh! Yindji Oh, Yindji Oh Yindji Oh Sandij êh... I Kadi gné lkadi gné lkadi gné Kadi gné Deni I kadi gné
Et in ique concremari 

Zünfte, Meister und Gesellen 
Messen mit zu kurzen Ellen 
Sollte einer Lunte riechen,  
In des Kadis Arsche kriechen
le aah aah) 
ho aaja ishq di kadi wich aah aah 
ho thoda jile thoda marle aah aah 
soni de nakhre sone lagade o mainu, soni de nakhre sone lagade
ki labh daa phirey
Yaaron main ghar kehdaa
Lokan ton puchdaa phirey
Challa ki labh daa phirey

Naa visaal hoya kadi na judaai hoi
Ishq de qaidi
i tolowlé, i tolowlé, i tolow
Tolow mi ma sôbè sa olé nô diniè diya
N’téri niouman ni i niè djô nièrô
An bè nionfê wa kadi
N’téri niouman ni i
featuring Kadi  The Omen 


Kurious sparks the buddha  shit act like you knew the 

The game fuck the fame shit is lame rather
Aiyyo, check this out, right here is Kadi
The man with the yellow hat and uhh
This track right here is by the motherfuckin Beatnuts aight?
you girl
 I don't want to, know your name"
Kickin the style Kadi wassup? (Stop, that shit is lame!)
YES, YES JORGE! -- What?  Fuck it get right

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