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Les Succès: Kaïn (Kaïn)

Kain I'm durst der wut
Kain in vaters hand
Kain zu blind zu stehn
Kain aus schwarzem blut

die todgeweihten grâ?¦ã?²ã¬'áen dich
Nimm dein schwert
kain - I'm durst der wut
kain - in vaters hand
kain - zu blind zum steh'n
kain - aus schwarzem blut

die totgeweihten grüssen dich
nimm dein
Now his dreams are over
And reality surrounds
Kain's heart
He must learn to be a
Nightmare creature
Far from life
He begins to search
Káin, öcséd vére felkiált hozzám a földrõl légy tehát átkozott a földön
Amely megnyitotta száját, hogy beigya testvéred vérét
Amelyet kezeddel
An jenem Morgen schwiegen die Vögel
Als Kain seinen Bruder erschlug auf dem Feld
Aus Neid und Begehren am Anfang der Zeiten
Ward er zum ersten
pertaruhkan nyawa

Tidurlah sayang pejamkan mata
Tidurlah tak mengapa
Di sini ku ada
Ibarat kain putih yang tiada noda

Dilahirkan di dunia
Agar menjadi
Fighting on the TV, the trench war is on
The host is getting greedy, the viewers having fun
Kain is slaying Abel with words below the belt
I'm lonely
And sometimes I feel like I'm lonely

Uh, uh, yeah
Hey yo see-I-O-F-F-I-E
Q-you-double E-N-Z
Come on ma your riding with me
the night through
And you're so kain
This song ain't about you

Hanging with your sister
Playing naked twister
Down to your joker
Playing strip poker
feel like I'm lonely

Uh, uh, yeah
Ey yo see-I-O-F-F-I-E
Q-you-double E-N-Z
Come on ma your riding with me
Leave the lame respect the game
the bad boys
Bad boys bring it on home, bring it on home bad boys

Heh, I'm bout to do Santa Dimengo
On a horse named Bingo
A fugitive lookin'
my flame. D-roc is the ying, 
Kain is the yang but without
The both of us we ain't got a damn thang. 
Its me and my brother, my brother and me, all
Wow wow, oh 
If I were healer, I'd use my hands 
I'd would put a spell on you if I were magic man 
If I was Jesus,Buddha or a Kain 
If I were
sehr weit gehen,
Um das zu verstehen

Wir Menschen brauchen täglich Brot
Das Wasser steht uns bis zum Kinn
Kain schlägt Abel ohne Not
Jeden Tag
sneaky, sister hood
Females sneak up in here and come through (yeah) 

[Kandi Kain]
235 degrees and the mics about to be freezin'
Emcee season on those
die Töchter und die Söhne des Kain

Das Zeichen auf der Stirn ist gut getarnt
Und wenn du es erkennst, dann sei gewarnt

Die Seele schwarz, die
grin, talkin with the tall kain in my hand
I'm so cool, I swear I'm do that damn thang
So vicious with my champain bitches

Hook: [Warren G]
Take that motherfucker! 
The same to niggas that the hoes used to dis 
Now we ridin on the road doing shows with our
up, how they treat us Geto Boys and girls
The doctors tried to resuscitate, it was too late
I got a daughter named Kain and a son named Blank
and gold, too many followers and no leaders
We in the time, the young souls need us, to be our brother's keeper
It's Abel and Kain, way before labels and fame
the barrel 
Give it to them after night, like Kains cousin Harold 

The Ruff Rifers (what?)
The Ruff Riders
The Ruff Rifers (what?)
The Ruff
veins pumping octane
blazing plain, same brain
Same ankle that enabled Kain to slew that's a sharp blade
Whether your willing or able I see your
blow up in this shit

But he still wanna be in this shit
And he start runnin? with goddamn Kain
Like they were really gon' blow up bein? the Ying
Habitué a une gêne de Kain'fry de douches par jour
Je me retrouve crade comme un pun sur un carrefour
Un qui me permet de distinguer le jour de
d'un chauffeur
Ma pute est Kain'ri, j'ai besoin d'un traducteur
Je suis dans le secteur, pas besoin d'suceurs
J'arrive en CBR, mon frère bsahtek le