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L-L, L-L-L, L-L-L-L-Linda
L-L, L-L-L, L-L-L-L-Linda

When I go to sleep
I never count sheep
I count all the char-are-are-arms 
About L-L
Listen T-L-L
Listen to my hearbeat.
As ga? d?uon t?? 
Dio lou ba?ro l?, 
L? l? l? l? ba?ro l?r>

Pastr?ou prat fa?lour, 
Li cal gorda toun troupel. 
Dio lou ba?ro
Sunshine happiness in studio city
Time in a favorite place is going too fast
Time we spend here
Is already in the past

L.A. L.A L.A. L.A. go
I met her in a club down in old Soho
Where you drink champagne
It tastes just like Coca Cola, C-O-L-A cola

She walked up to me and she asked me
Did you hear me say
L, O, L, O L, O
I'm talkin' â??bout love
I'm talkin' â??bout love


She never l-l-l-l-loved me
She loved me, no
Baby baby baby baby baby baby

Hit on me
Hit on me

You're no good
Oh you're no good
To me
I don't want no Cadillac
The one I got I'm gonna take back
Come down to my house early in the morning
And nobody's gonna break through

L-O L-O L-O (Oh did you hear me say) 
L-O L-O L-O (Oh did you hear me
You parting words still echo clear on the day you left me
If you need me I'll be there, you said you'd always help me

Now l need you, l need you,
I took a trip down to L'America
To trade some beads for a pint of gold
I took a trip down to L'America
To trade some beads for a pint of gold
I could fly on the wings of my heart
Deep inside, I've been falling apart
L L Love, there's a magic in you
And I'll be under your spell, L L
A-T-L, crusin' in da A-T-L
Crusin' in da A-T-L, crusin' in da A-T-L
a thing to say
I'm banished from the fold
I'm a fallen angel who's lost his wings and left out in the cold

Oh L.A. connection
Oh L.A. connection
don't know about us anymore, no matter what your mouth may say

'Cause your heart says long, long, long, l-l-l-long gone
Long, long,
Hello children, it's time for an important lesson with Professor Flans.
This is about four letters that people sometimes confuse for one, L
I don't want no Cadillac
One I got gonna take it back
Came out the house early this mornin'
Are four letters
Are not one

L M NM N Ohhhhhh!
L M N Ohhhhhh!

Are four letters
Are not one

to be back home homie where the feeling is right


Welcome home, into L.A.
Where the tippy roll around, and the gangsters play
It's been
L'amour qui court, l'amour toujours
L'amour secours, l'amour détour
L'amour qui torture
L'amour qui endure, anémie

Un amour obscure
Une âme qui
Do I l-l-l-l-love you?, Oh yes 
Do I w-w-w-w-want you?, Oh yes 

Yes, I want you, Yes, I need you 
Yes, truly I do, Yes 

Does the touch
L'un sans l'autre see'est un incendie
Un incident bien senti
L'un se dit prét à mourir pour l'autre, l'autre aussi
L'un sans l'autre see'est un
l-l-love turns a man insane
She's a wild child
And the love she makes rocks the mind off my brain

Don't hear the backdoor crack
Don't see the cops are
Viva l'Italia
L'Italia liberata 
L'Italia del valzer
L'Italia del caffè
L'Italia derubata e colpita al cuore
Viva l'Italia
L'Italia che non
Yeah, yeah, yeah
What's your name girlfriend?
Girlfriend, what's your name?

My name is J I L L S see O T T
Jill Scott representin' North Philly

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