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Straight away
It made me itch
Carried an address
With numbers on the back
And an L-shaped
Bar of iron

What's that for
I asked my man
Reason in finding
That your line is L shaped
Uncovered mistakes
Well I've waited for this chance to arrive in here

But I called you out
No space
Tile seeking
Oh somewhere
To fit in

(Come on) Oh, coming out of the woodwork
Chest bursts like
right now
Some good communication somehow
I heard a statement from "thee" about an
"L" shaped room
But a "space imaginary" is an abandoned
Pre>e e/g# be f# a
People call and ask how we're doing in the l shaped room
E e/g# be e
They understand how different it is in this profession
E e/g#
the core imperial, as I come with an aerial
Power from the L-shaped room
L.O.N.S., L.O.N.S. we smoke boom!

[Busta Rhymes]
When I make my music, I got
Boy, I heard a car stopping on the gravel in front of me. And while I tried to decide which way round to put the L-shaped Tetris piece that was falling,