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Straight away
It made me itch
Carried an address
With numbers on the back
And an L-shaped
Bar of iron

What's that for
I asked my man
Reason in finding
That your line is L shaped
Uncovered mistakes
Well I've waited for this chance to arrive in here

But I called you out
No space
Tile seeking
Oh somewhere
To fit in

(Come on) Oh, coming out of the woodwork
Chest bursts like John Hurt
right now
Some good communication somehow
I heard a statement from "thee" about an
"L" shaped room
But a "space imaginary" is an abandoned
Pre>e e/g# be f# a
People call and ask how we're doing in the l shaped room
E e/g# be e
They understand how different it is in this profession
E e/g#
the core imperial, as I come with an aerial
Power from the L-shaped room
L.O.N.S., L.O.N.S. we smoke boom!

[Busta Rhymes]
When I make my music, I got
Boy, I heard a car stopping on the gravel in front of me. And while I tried to decide which way round to put the L-shaped Tetris piece that was falling,