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for life
A preacher's son, first one on the run
I'm grateful that I haven't been shot
Stopped by the cops and they didn't find a glock
of the RMC's
(C'mon check out my melody)
The W-Y-C-L-E-F, Wyclef
Through any contest
I'm victorious
Still keep it real, if you will and manifest
the second part y'all 
You like the brain I'm like the heart
Yo from day one start you on walley clark
Inside the park I told you Q.B.L.F.C. combine
chose me 
What, l-f-c, heavy amount with jewelry 
Crime syndicate, nigga livin' this 
Never mention miss ? 
Smoke rain bodies, you had to saw before,
out, my niggas lay it down in the streets
Pound to wheat, from overseas, from L.F.C.
Home of the legends, plus missions beats
For this tale to decrease,
selling products for hair loss
The W-Y-C-L-E-F, Wyclef
The return of Jack the Ripper was only to meet his death
The next time, you wanna dis me for kicks
And I'll even, get you an ad in "The Source" 

You'll be the first rapper selling products for hair loss 

The W-why-see-L-E-F, Wyclef 

The return
an attempt to defend you end up unkempt 

Plus this agent get orange E-L-P-F-see-F rock for you 

First cousin to sling red dye number five be the potion

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