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I have your friends
All down below
They want to stay
And never go

Shut up! 

Down in the lab

You say I'm mad? Ha! 
Well, maybe so
Speed lab, speed lab
On the edge of an artichoke farm
We work through harm
Tweaked and well paid
We forgave
What the chemicals did
To our hands,
See if you can step to this

(Back to the lab)

Now try to do this step (Back to the lab)
And make sure the pace is kept
And this ain't
Born to be used
Like a rat in a lab
Bred like a stud 
But without any soul

Pick up the sword 
And throw away the halo
Live like a sheep
There are no more summer lifeguard jobs
There are no more art museums to guard
The lab is out of white lab coats
Cause there are no more slides
a stare

Not gonna feel like your lab rat
In a rut again, they'll offer you twenty
When they know you can't payback ten
Subtract the interest from your
Ka zikr bhee hum ko pyara lagta hay

Lab par naghmay
Sall-lay-alaa kay haathon main kashkol
Lab par naghmay
Lab par naghmay
Sall-lay-alaa kay
At the graduate lab they were doing some tests
I pressed the buzzer
Would press the buzzer

Ride a circle off the highway
Spiral into the driveway
In the maze
Don't take it from me
But Altered States scared me

Should have realized it
It's when he tore apart the lab with the monkey on his back
Ka zikr bhee hum ko pyara lagta hay

Lab par naghmay
Sall-lay-alaa kay haathon main kashkol
Lab par naghmay
Lab par naghmay
Sall-lay-alaa kay
off your lab coat, kiss me as we roll through every chemical.
Would you please put on your dance shoes? 'Cause I'm sick of dancin' alone.

Who is it
We are an experiment programmable shells lab at breeders hold the water
Bottle humans push the pellets three miles with the turning signal on we are
got where he is by turning lab mouse inside out

The things we do and have to do
The things I do for you
And what you do for me too
Yeah I'd stoop to that
Sure I would
Yeah you been had
That's how I got my job at the underwriter's lab

You bet I sucked up
Every chance I had
Sheesha ho ya dil ho 
Aakhir (toot jaata hai) 
Lab tak aate aate haathon se
Sagar (choot jaata hai) 
Sheesha ho ya dil ho
Aakhir toot jaata hai
Come and have some fun
Fun time

Last night I was down in the lab
I was talkin' to Drac and his crew
We were having fun

Didn't need no heavy trips
no time to sleep
Gotta get back to the lab and freak something that y'all can peep
From Lone Catalysts, very unique
The way we organize it all with
to wear that
In combination with those
Little girl shoes

Dismantled in the lab
Your shoe is cold leather
Your foot is beastly calloused
Closer to cloven
Might be in your labs of pain.
Forever together.
We are one until we're done.
Colleagues at the lab 
They all thought that he was crazy 
Don't know where he's at 
His formulas to them are hazy 

He had his mind set
and run around
All aboard for funtime
Last night I was down in the lab
Talkin' to Dracula and his crew
All aboard for funtime
I don't

You ain't shit  your daddy ain't shit 

your brother ain't shit  your money ain't shit 

your lab ain't shit  your rings ain't shit
murders me, me, me
Such me down your hose
Pieces of my fingers and toes
Use me to brew your lab rat stew
Oh dissolve my voice for your woman's choice
There were no weapons of mass destruction
Or mobile biological weapons labs
The agenda was to remove Saddam Hussein
To reap the oil and establish

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