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off your lab coat, kiss me as we roll through every chemical.
Would you please put on your dance shoes? 'Cause I'm sick of dancin' alone.

Who is it
There are no more summer lifeguard jobs
There are no more art museums to guard
The lab is out of white lab coats
Cause there are no more slides
Science never sleeps, so I'm singing it a lullabye,
Of wolves in sheeps clothing - devils in disguise,
And lab-coats draped over big black lies.
years old

doctors in the lab coats with electrode wires
Fucked up their brains with synaptic fires
Frankenstein-like they rise at twilight and rage
Because I got lab coats

Who will bring me a panacea
While I'm watching the weather channel
Waiting for the storm
You won't want me

Hanging around
a big sky night.

My spectacles, my white lab coat 
My coffee, thermos and my notes.
I pat my pockets. I got the keys
To the secrets
Brilliant scientific enterprise
The altruistic benefit of humanity justifies
A white lab coat represents the icon
Eradicate disease, the pedestal
my room.
I miss you, could you come around sometime?

When the night comes down,
The world becomes a room under the microscope with a lab coat
I choose
I become unsure

I can take up science
And study cells of the body
Learn to postpone death
Under the microscope
I made my own lab coat
I'm a science genius girl
I won the science fair
I wear a white lab coat
Dna strands in my hair

When I clone a human being
It will want
Giant lab coats and explosions, powdered old-wave revelations
Dodging smoke and mirrors in the dark

Transform worker to drone
I'll dig the biggest
Don't ask, just follow, repeat and swallow
Don't ask, just swallow them down your throat

My best friend is a man
With a lab coat and a grin
I hold my
is a man
With a lab coat and a grin
I hold my shaking hand
And he gives me medicine

It almost makes me feel at home
But they slowly steal my
wanted me to just play keyboard or whatever, he didn't want me to rap. He was like "Maybe Joe Hahn should, um, wear a lab coat and a cowboy hat" on... like
float wit the buoyancy of a boat
With the potency of a scorpion sting to the throat
Overdose that's extremely fatal
Doctors in white lab coats scramble
lab rain coat 'cause the water broke
Press eject
First comes the head, then the neck
Then the body avalanches out the tape deck
All are scared 
Scared of all 

Black rooms are calling 
To men in leather coats 
White labs are cooking 
Up the silver ghost 
The glass migrates
Post office clerk puts up a sign saying "Position Closed" and secretaries
Turn off typewriters and put on their coats.
Janitors padlock the gates
Post office clerk puts up signs saying "Position closed"
And secretaries turn off typewriters and put on their coats
Janitors padlock the gate for
Post office clerks put up signs saying position closed
And secretaries turn off typewriters and put on their coats
Janitors padlock the gates
terrified rant and rave smash your head against the cage vacuum
clicks on high conscious of the pain pass off as humane white coat seems
so clean most dirt
to the Luddite martyrs then, who died in vain
Down at the lab they're working still, finishing off
How do we tell the people in the white coats
Enough is
we vow our flesh to be uncreated

Putrescence and filth, within our lab and within ourselves
The mocking corpses bloat and distend
This reeking
As I was out walking home alone one night,
I saw this man approaching - he wore a coat of white.
He said, "you don't know me, but you'll very soon
"Here come the redcoats 
With their coats all red
All along
All along
All along the promenade
The promenade"
That would've been good

Instead you