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My Rifle, My Pony and Me () · Springfield Rifle (Springfield Rifle)

rifles, and M-1-sixteens
Causing Havoc's, sparkin up chaos, bringing the ruckus
Heavy metal heaters, mobbin under bucks
If you can't beat us, then join
Would you like to pet my rifle?
Summer camp is such a drag
A rip into my ? rifle
I'm too old to play capture the flag
Someone's giving French
stop until I'm on top with the title
Hustling no stopping the cycle, I'm shopping for rifles
I'm not for the idols
Fuck the twin towers dog, we on top
the title
Hustlin no stoppin the cycle
I'm shopping for rifles I'm not for the idols
The twin towers dawg we on top of the Eiffel like
La piece a pizza eating
plead with
At times I hate my reflection and others I'm conceited
Half the time I'm arrogant other times I'm vengeful
At times it's to convince me,
fucker, I'm also into rifles
They try to tell these niggas I'm a baby in these diapers
I'm on my own shit, like this
I don't disseminate, I got my name
cycle, I'm done with the rifles
The tecs, the 9's, the killers, the psychos
Look, now can we party?
And I want a Shirley Temple cause I don't drink
And I'm the four-letter word that you don't bleep out
Got a question for you rappers rollin' wit'cha heats out
Is this really where you wanna be when
not Eightball
Don't make me get stupid and leave your fucking blood on the wall
Bout' to go physco, and load this rifle
I'm from the projects where
Beet it like Micheal and fuck up you cycle
Blast you with my grandfather's rifle 
I'm great to stifle

Create a crises your paying the prises
My mom is in the bedroom, cryin again
Sister's on the street corner, lyin again
Just heard about another one of my niggaz dyin again
I'm tryin
man the medas and the vespid
I'm sniper rifle like a soldier in the desert
A eagle on me boy I'm known to tote a desert
I sack a ounce up before I
I'm down for the rifle, tone the fo fo
Don't ever try to send a nigga home, no no
I know you wanna catch me at Sunoco
Show me that your loco put
Jason, you're pointing at me like (that's Satan)
Not in the slightest, lieutenant, treat my organ like my rifle
I'm a spiteful Lou Bennett, I'm a menace
crazy, I'm psycho
[?] gunning with my 22, rifle
I'm [?] they feel me, I'm next
My enemies mad, they can't kill me, I'm blessed
I know that you see me
Then join us get on the team 

Streetsweepers grenades rifles 

And M1 car beams 

Dice games craps bets over car titles 

Pink slips cash money
Than to shoot first and ask questions later
Now I'm trigger happy, trigger happy every day

Well, you can't take my guns away, I got
Sudden was the change
In such a silent place as this
Beyond the rifle range

So where to now St. Peter
If it's true I'm in your hands
I may not be
I'ma pull out my knife or rifle
I'm a polite psycho, it's a full out cycle
Of a trifle life, cops can suck my cock if they don't like us
I hang
the Miller
I'm the one I'm the winner
I put the go in gorilla (Tell 'em daddy)
I'm the dash under bibles
The magazine under rifles
The pool of the blood
you taste it
Commin' at niggas like a disciple of death, you would think
I'm poppin' a rifle or tech, I'm aimin' right for the neck
Yo' momma might
in the bozack 

I'm trifle, get the rifle, or I step back and crack slugs 

and my crew give pounds and hugs 

Tugs on my shirt, let me know that
I wear a disguise
I'm not just your average Jane
The super doesn't stand for model
But that doesn't mean I'm plain

If all you see is how I look
One, two, three, four

I don't want to talk about it to you
I'm not an open book that you can rifle through
The cold hard truth that you'll see
gave me a rifle, well they went too far
I'm much better off when I got a guitar
I told the C.O. that I wanna be sent
He sent me to a place where I