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Excuse me, ma'am can you help me
I need to place an ad with you today
No ma'am tomorrow may be too late
I'd like to have it started right away
Yeah. It was a gun
8:22 pm. I talked to one of the maidens 
who had almost been devoured

Could I talk to you, Ma'am
Who are you
I'm St.
That's my baby
No sir, I don't mean maybe
Yes sir, that's my baby now

Yes, ma'am, we've decided
No ma'am, we ain't gonna hide it
Yes, ma'am
talked to one of the maidens 
who had almost been devoured

[St. George:] Could I talk to you, Ma'am
[Maiden:] Who are you
[St. George:] I'm St.
Slam thank you ma'am
You really make my day
Glam Slam thank you ma'am
I pray you always stay

I know I hold you to tight
But I just can't seem
long-legged guitar pickin' man
Well, we can work this out
Uh-huh, yes ma?am, I think we can

Well I stole the Hope diamond
Hopin' I could shut your mouth
(Wham bam thank you ma'am I hope you're satisfied)
I never knew what love would do 'til I saw your smile
And when I did I flipped my lid and almost
Come on, get out of the way
The light's green, move
I hate these gangsta singers with their music loud
Ma'am, ma'am, can you please turn your rap
Wait just a minute, Mr. Look So Good
Wham bam, wham bam
Wham bam, wham bam
Wham bam, wham bam (bring it all up)
Wham bam, thank you ma?am, wham
comes home
No ma'am, no nothin'
As long as baby must roam

I promised her I'd wait for her
Till even Hades froze
I'm lonesome, Heaven knows
it's up in the air tonight

Now you're anticipating
That nostalgia's waiting
With your social statement
Boxed up in the basement

Yes ma'am no
my back
Just leave me alone

Wake up tomorrow,do it again
Yes sir, yes ma'am
No sir, no ma'am
Get so fed up
With your fucking scams

Chewed my
Who lifts me up when I'm down? 
Who's the one always around? 
Candy Yam, I wanna thank you ma'am 
Oh yeah, oh yeah 

When my days are dark
on the big payback

Well, it's a wham, bam, thank you ma'am, god damn, look out Sam
It's a gone dead train rumblin' down this track
They got your neck in
gonna sort you out 
They'll try to make a man out of you 
Say yes sir, say no sir 
Say yes ma'am, say no ma'am 
Shit on that 
Bad boys get spanked
When she glows, she glows just for me
Walk that road and say that you see the UFO's?
Pardon me ma'am do you think I'm sane?
I don't think that I
what I'm doing. Can I destroy that for you ma'am? Can I destroy that for you, mister? It looks good on you it looks good on you but these things look
Follow me down to the laughing city,
With people changing all their minds; it's crazy.
I want this ma'am, that ma'am, no sir, yes ma'am that sir;
Maria called the police department
On a Sunday afternoon
"My husband's gonna kill me.
Please send somebody soon."
"Where is he, ma'am, is he
I'd like to thank you, ma'am

Well, alright

I'm gonna crawl
I'm gonna crawl down on my knees
And like a snake
I'm gonna slither through the reeds
Milk and sugar, bread and jam
"Yes please, sir" and "Thank you, ma'am"
Here I am

Cups and cakes, cups and cakes
I'm so full my tummy aches
How sad
your mouth

Baby Boomerang
Baby Boomerang
You never spike a person
But you always bang the whole gang
Thank you ma'am
Get ‘em, shawty, get

Yeah, yes sir, yes ma’am
The whole world will know who I am
It's Li’l D on the [Incomprehensible], straight guy
having manners
Show respect and some dignity
You gotta give yours to receive

Yes sir and yes maam
Thank you sir and thank you ma'am
May I have and pardon
Yes, ma'am
Papa's got the Heebie Jeebies dance

Say, come on now and do that dance
They call the Heebie Jeebies dance
Sweet mama
Papa's got to do

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