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frum tha back

Everywhere I go everybody know that its around and around meX4

beatin the ebony n tony braxton you go make me stalk you gurl
my dad pushed it in
Why did he hurt me?
He's my next of kin...
He's a mex-I-kin

I'm lonely 'n' green
Too small for my shirt
If simmons was here
knees and pray
Mama said son you've got to go
You turned my house into Stop-N-Go
Out the door, please dont call
Till you stop sellin snowball
scharf, wie das "S"
Ja genau, sie ist scharf wie ein Mex-
Ikaner, Lieblingsfilm, sie will mich wiederseh'n
Doch ich brauch nicht viel im Leben außer das
it, yeah 

From the subway to the studio 
Gots to break fast if we want to get, to the bus 
Runnin' like a Mex for the border 
(Um, yo, oh um, was
Mex don't understand tha game
Baby beach, baby beth, latino's if ever do you gang bang
I can't do it cause I'm all about my money man
Hoggin and doggin
save them slice for eighty-fives
And besides, see I never had a million
Got beefs that got millions and in buy-outs worth billions

Knotty n-gga with
Beats 'ne Stunde noch dann komm'n die Kids
A ist von B der Produzent und Artist jetzt
gibt's für Verträge keinen Prozent-Punkt gratis denn
es bleibt
they still robbing tourists
I'm in my room, rolling up ganja
My mom's in the kitchen, rolling up masa
The whole metro plex, S-P Mex
My boy at a photo

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