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In rock! 
In rock! 
In rock! 

Where you from? 
Can you
can't blame nobody but you

(you can't blame nobody but)
(you can't blame nobody but you)
your wife
Another mission rehearsal, so you know the procedure.
The rotor wash, N.C.O., incursion and extraction.
Numbing the population, evacuees,
Hello children

[Chorus 1: mos def]
Black jack johnson n.y.c., are-o-see-k-I-n-g
Sun and the moon, earths, stars, and planets
Before song done
Hello Children

Black Jack Johnson N.Y.C., R O C K I N G
Sun and the moon, earth, stars, and planets
Before song done y'all goin' all understand it
to hear it
There's too much on my mind and I can hear it
Calling for the D-I-N-see-O
Here comes my girl, wait, I gotta go
Nah, I'm not running, I'll
do me and I'm glad they done it.
Yeah, I'm wit' d-r-e the n**** that make beats wit that n**** c-o-o-l. cool.
We so mother f***in' cool-er than you.
brothers in Goretex
Tryin' to find a spot where we could hunt for sex
Found a little club called the N-see-O
Military, competition. You know.
I ain't really
and Hank
That's the name of the suckers I done ganked
I get away from a copper
Drop a dime, I'll break you off somethin' proper
With the L-E-N-C-H-M-O
to the atomic dog
D-O-T-K-N-O-Double-C-O-U-T so motherfucker come and fuck wit me.

"Come On", "Come On"
"This is just a little something to keep ya as* in
D-O-T-K-N-O-Double-see-O-you-T so muthaphukka come and phuck wit me. 
"Come On", "Come On" 
"This is just a little something to keep ya ass in check 
Ruthless Muthaphukkin'
to go. 
With the L-E-N-C-H M-O-B, and ya'll disgrace the see-P-T. 
'cause you're gettin' fucked out your green by a white boy, 
With no Vaseline
quick to kick some dope shit
K-N-O-double see-O-you-T will always make a hit
And we'll never flip flop, always keep it hip hop
A nigga dissin on my
like the way she got herself in v I p
If she sees k n o see
She gon chill 
And wait out front for me
Who do you know that rides for the coast
the best flirt, to the best skirt 

Ever make it to networks 

Like N.B.C., N.O.R.E., be	'More and Cam'Ron 

Anything we put our hands on, soak up like
See she love N.O.R.E., plus any nigga like me
Drivin' in the drop with a 10 cent icey
Shit, she want a thug that's basically
See she scared in
the L-E-N-see-H-M-O-be	 
T-Bone and that's J.D. 
And here's how we'll greet ya 
Stop fool, come off that beat ya 
Feel dumb cause you're caught in the dark 
(ya lil
steig in Charts hol mir 'n E-C-H-O
Bei Gefahr bleib ich klar so wie Che Guevar, yo, yo!
Das war nicht meiner, ich mein, meiner nicht war das
Aber ich
the maze
of a cartible character scripture of a picture
picture mister D - I - N - see - O!
be a fool but speaker with average
ever number one but ain't not
You need to stop!! 
Hatin' on, 
The see-N-O-T-E, D-are-you, an the L-you-N-I-Z. 

[Chorus: x4]
Break it down, oh yeah, 
Fo the Luniz an, they
She gon' chill and wait out front for me

Who do you know that rides for the coast
With a new breed and style of rap like me?
I had
C-O-Z-Z, Mr. Always-Holding-40-OZ
Or a OZ of the OG Kush hash push that ones back, just that, f*** crack
What's that, you don't understand what I'm trying
When the D called me, and told me, we must be
Lyrically, the best that he says, the
K N O see K, and S and K, it's spray
Comin away, the B.T.J., it
new LP
from the L-E-N-see-H  M-O-be	
(No I'm not your Toby, just like you told me
 Just found out I'm the O.G.)
(Never caught the holy ghost, sorta like