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Out they come and make me misers 
I will nab them covers and I will have them narrating 
The narrating of contradictions 
I will narrate and I will have
a blockbuster up your ass?
Do you think you'd like that?
Do ya motherfucker?
We'll smash your eggs
And then your head
And we'll nab your kids
Take out back
Im Spiegel sehe Ich, was von mir noch übrig ist
Doch nab ich jetzt genug gesehen
Von meinem Innenleben
Ich mach die Hülle wieder zu
a funny place to ride

Every man's just a clutchin' hand
Reachin' out to grab you
Every man's a quiverin' lance
Tryin' hard to stab you - don' let 'em nab
let's get out of here and take a drive
On the parkway tonight
You can hear the engines roar
The flashing lights will nab you when you're driving your
a blockbuster up your ass
Do you think you'd like that, well do ya motherfucker
Do ya, motherfucker
Do ya
We'll smash your eggs and then your head and we'll nab
let's reach out and grab it (yeah!),
Together we'll nab it,
We'll hitchhike, bus or yellow cab it!
(Cab it?)

Movin' right along
nab'und haben verge
Sie sind nun schal,was ubrigblied
Sind stille Tranen auf der Erde

"Fur Hoffnung 1st es me zu spat-"
Dacht'ich - Doch was 1st mir
stopped where I [C]stood. He warned me so gravely, 
'The [D7]cops here'll nab ya, boy and they'll ]take ya right on down,' yes, but
I took my]chances,
punchable face, bub
Grab him, nab him

Everything you do makes me feel like you need to get a blackened eye
You gotta a sockable face
Then there was
mehr frei näb ihm
& was är cha, hey mähn, das macht är o

schlaf chindli, schlaf
's isch nume dys bett wo brönnt

är luegt dür muure, dür
turn on
Turn me on
(Turn me on)

Wet and irritate my ears
Take me by the face
Nab the rust to get down 
Take me in your head

I'm a bit on
Ult li albi bissaraha (I'm opening up my heart with honesty)
Hayya nab'idil karaha (Let's avoid the hated and hatred)
Syakkireena a'
on the make.
Up for shade on Crumb Hill
Get something to make my hands still.

But nowâ??Wait.
How are you my nabs?
Little tender footed crabs,
Meet my
and look out for Joe Nab 
And quit re'in-up and standin' on this same old block 
Before our gangsta ass partna get both of us shot 
Niggaz talkin' cause
let's reach out and grab it (yeah)
Together we'll nab it
We'll hitchhike, bus or yellow cab it (cab it?)

Movin' right along
Footloose and fancy-free
How comes you can't drink from the river 

Splish splash pitney nab hear that 
If pollution continues and the sea turns black 
If you catch
Bushaltstellebänkli tüe so als ob's Mai wär you nid Novämber
Als ob si unter em ne Boum ir volle Bluescht you nid näb de Veloständer
Am ne blaue Mäntigmorge, am ne
nab the man, bring a camcorder
Grab his fam, and run the train on his granddaughter
Nah chill, that's too ill, for real I'd rather kill somethin'
from they always a killin` my nigga
Get it twisted if ya want dog watch what happen
Won`t live another day cause lil Turk gone nab em`

[Mack 10]
better know it
Nab hoes, after the show, she gon show it
That hoe, I told you she gon do it
The loads is full, she let me smash in the Buick
I'm comin'
Young hog, vicious dog, keep a bad-ass yellow broad
On the slab, in the nab, Chef Boyardee in the lab
Cook it fat, cut it small, fifteen thousand
Agarrarnos con rabia quitarnos las ganas
Zapasé zorro, nab bullet guitana.
Estos es una unión de Dios, no alcemos la voz,
Tú eres jefa why yo boss, 
Si no te
a new Gator stepper
Must have been mad
When your ho put my stuff in the dash
Bust in her ass
To climax I come up with a nab
The game don't stop
Gator stepper
Must have been mad

When your ho put my stuff in the dash
Bust in her ass
To climax, I come up with a nab
The game don't stop


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