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Nadir (Beyond Terror Beyond Grace) · Nadir's Big Chance (Peter Hammill) · Nadir's Big Chance (Peter Hammill)

When the drugs hit you
Tingly begins
Conviction plus tone equals hope
Under the threat of separation

The nadir's fluorescent
The shriek of a gull
Plastic passion is the nadir of night 
Oh it's a plastic passion 
It's a plastic passion 
It's a plastic passion 

Plastic passion is
Becoming what we feared
Till death do us our shadows part
Make room through all these tears
Till something new appears
Reborn in this nadir
Talk, wait,
Engage your heart at its nadir.
Your methods coming clear.
We speak, we taste
We roll a night that lingers
Wrapped in silence
My speech is flowing, my thoughts are crystal clear
The nadir of the real, the zenith of one dream
The universe recreated at the heart of my heart
Plunged into a nadir, the years spent in insolation
And the windows of the skull look upon only devastation
Inside hunger gnaws like rats in your
The fallout has begun 
Oppressive damage done 
Your many turned to none 
To nothing 
You're reaching your nadir 
Your will has disappeared 
The lie is
oppressed the human race
The Empire of the dark has dawned.
Blackened skies beckon forth the nadir
Dramatising escalating fear
The masses flee the abyss in
the right time.
It's my time.
It's the right time.
It's my time.
It's my turn to discover.

And I won't waste a single second
Living in hell as a nadir
Always legible
So be it on our own headstone

Rising to out own nadir
Reality we try to extirpate
Trying to raise a twisted smile
Similar to that
Background lead: Seth
Lead: Nergal

what fool you are!
From zenith to nadir
Through externalized purity
Sealed ye gates ov your own
Yes, I believe in, I believe in

When I poison my system, I take thoughts and twist them into shapes
I'm reachin' my nadir and I haven't an idea
into shapes
I'm reaching my nadir and I haven't an idea of what to do
I'm painting by numbers but can't find the colors that fill you in
I'm not even
A quien nadir conoció

Santa Teresa iba dando 
Su brazo incorrupto a Don 
Pelayo que no podía 
Resistir el mal olor
El marqués de Villaverde
when you live on the wrong side of town.

The nadir of despair we have sunk to is easy to gauge
Our children grow thinner and ever more bitter with age.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 +212 le Maroc me reçoit cinq sur cinq
Qui a dit que j’avais plus rien à dire?
Toujours les mêmes qui jactent soit Issa, soit Nadir