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Ellen O'Brien (Ellen O'Brien) · Absolute O'Brien (Richard O'Brien) · Live From 6A: Late Night With Conan O'Brien () · Under Direction of Larry O'Brien (Glenn Miller)

Well we talked about old times
Like a couple of old guys
And took a little walk to the old baseball diamond
And along came O'Brien
With a guitar
always need.

High velocity impact spatter.

A necro potion is made
From the remains of the dead

[lead - O´Brien]

Daily ritual intake
Euphoria from butchery
A dark world will eclipse all life
Barbaric ways forever reign

[solos- Owen, O'Brien, Owen, O'Brien]

They live, they
The mutilation leads to death
Existence now irrelevant
Never will be in the way again

[Solo: O'Brien]

of torment

I will not be saved

[Solo - O'Brien]

When I die
They beg me to repent
I refuse

I return
The past forgotten but evil innate
They have
(Porter Howell/Dwayne O'Brien)
(Track 6 - Time 3:29)

She cries and tells me she needs your love
And that's she's not giving up so easily
(Tim O'Brien)
All those untold stories
All those silent lies
We'll never know each other
Keepin' them deep inside (let's)
Wash away the troubles
people seemed to look like me
Saw a sign said Mollie O'Brien's bar, I knew right then I couldn't be that far
I went in there and asked for beer, he pours
how the people have to pay and pay?
Fight the fare increase! Vote for George O'Brien! Get poor Charlie off the M. T. A.


He's the man who
of morality
Malevolent, eyes are empty
Merciless, I cannot care

[Solo: O'Brien]

This vector of cruelty
Denied me a soul
Genetic mutation driving me
and whiskey punch
Biddy O'Brien began to cry
"Such a nice clean corpse did you ever see?
Tim Mavourneen why did you die?"
"Arrah hold your gob" said Paddy
never turn out right

[Chorus: x2]
Mister, Mistress, Mistress Of Erzulie

He kissed me in the lobby on the way to Pat O'Briens
No, it didn't take
Biddy O'Brien began to cry
Such a nice clean corpse, did you ever see?
Tim mavourneen, why did you die?
Arrah, hold your gob, said Patty Megee

Oguchi, Onyewu, Bobby Convey, Eddie Johnson, Steve Cherundolo, 
John O'Brien, Carlos Bocanegra, Jimmy Conrad, ?

Let me hear you say

My day
at his wake
And Missus Finnegan called for lunch
First they brought in tay and cake
Then pipes, tobacco and whiskey punch

Biddy O'Brien begged to cry
Bleibt ihr bei Hans Meiser - Ich bleib bei Jean Luc

Bei Sternzeit 4halb5.3 kam Langeweile auf
Als Ausweg beamte Chief O'Brien AC/DC rauf.
Das lauteste
last breath because we are

The house gang, rap's holy alliance
Why you so scurred? I'm only a giant
I do it late night, call me Conan O'Brien
the occasion
And pierced his nipples and
Was riding his skateboard to the statue
Of conan o'brien
Where he was doing backflips for the kids
Who threw coins
come and haul us off the black ice
One says, "Hi, my name is Kevin
It's a pleasure to meet you, Black 47"

So we're doin' Letterman, Leno and O'Brien
the craic it flows
With Wally Putt and Gard O'Brien
The best of times we've ever known

So raise your glasses to the heaves
The O'Reilly's and the Nevin's
and milk-white thighs,
And mickey dodgers in disguise.
Mc Graths, O'Briens, Pippins, Coxs,
Massage parlours in horse boxes.
There's amhráns, bodhráns, amadáns,
want to hear O'Brien and McLoghlan.
I want to hear, say, the Healy's and Connolly's.
Let me hear, say, the Brennan's and Nugent's
Want to hear, say,