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C.Y. O'Connor's feeling depressed
And Gypsy Rose Lee is always under-dressed,
While Liberace is playing with his feet

Fly Sinatra to the moon
{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor}

Here I sit so silently, I wait by your opening door
May flit, may fly, may not understand why,
I fear, when I hear
Hazel O'Connor - Major Black

Time after time, I will follow you,
I lay myself on the line, I'll always try for you
Because you, you are my
© Hazel O'Connor

I go down the left side instead of the right
I'm suffocating and I'm having to fight
To keep myself moving out the crowd
Who throw
© Hazel O'Connor

Make a way for the queen
He's got the most spectacular wardrobe you've ever seen
So what if he bleaches his hair
And dresses are
© Hazel O'Connor

Wasn't it good the rose coloured glasses
Playing our games, taking our chances
Time was our friend, seemed to stand still
We were

Then Maggie O'Connor took up the job
"O Biddy," says she "you're wrong I'm sure"
Biddy gave her a belt in the gob
And left her sprawling
Neil O'Connor

It's hard to live in a factory city
Auto metropole of the new kingdom come
Where you can look out of the glass, sure
And you can,
Hazel O'Connor

Daylight, slowly creeping through the crack in the curtains
And it suddenly reminded me I didn't sleep allnight.
It's just
Hazel O'Connor - Gerard Kiely

O lord can you hear me
I have fallen hard on this road
I have overspent my strength,
Put my faith in all the wrong
Hazel O'Connor - P. Barrett

How could this begin
Someone held a gun took aim and fired
Thought he would win
But no one ever did

We've all been here
Maggie O'Connor took up the job
"Arrah", biddy says, she ye're wrong, I'm sure
Biddy then gave her a belt on the gob
And left her sprawling on the floor
told you?
Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake 

Well Mary O'Connor took up the job
"Biddy" says she "you're wrong, I'm sure"
Well Biddy gave her a belt
{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor}

Ah come on
Let's go

Let's all play mums and dads, come on
Where do babies come from, mum?
Shut up you naughty boy
{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor}

Red ringed the eyes of the women who cried to the night
Black and possessed are the eyes of the man who drank to no
{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor}

So you're born, so you're torn
From a place that's safe and warm
I took a journey to see a world
And you're born
{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor}

You hate yourself, so you hate everybody else
People can make you feel small
Small is a size when age just won't
{Words & Music: Hazel O'Connor}

Sometimes I find it so hard to understand
We had some laughs together
Together we tried to change hand in hand
Hazel O'Connor - Gerard Kiely

I'm flying over mountains in my head
I am riding through the eye of the storm

Yeah, I could fly, fly right out
Hazel O'Connor - Gerard Kiely

Save me from my darkness agus an bothair dubh
I've been out here a long time since I left you
Simple minds for simple
Hazel O'Connor - Gerard Kiely

It's 5 in the morning, my whole body is yawning
I wish I was safe in my bed
But I got these feelings, I'm wrecked
Hazel O'Connor - Gerard Kiely

Time has come, time to let go
Can't keep holding on, can't keep holding on
Time has come, release and heal
Can't keep
Afeitada como la Sinead O'Connor 
La vi dejar el pub envuelta en humo de moto. 

Un pañuelo para cubrir la cabeza 
Después de haber bebido más de
[Thorpe, Smyth, O'Connor]

You feel it weighing over head
You worked yourself down to the bone
Burning and baring the scars of the walking dead
Hazel O'Connor

Sitting on the sunny shoreline, see some driftwood
Come to rest
Worn out by the tides, born up by its endless rides
Never free, just