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our gangs dark oath

(chant over and over)
sometimes you just have to take the oath...(Take the oath)

You live from day to day to year, without leases
Each thing you say you have to clear little

My oath to madness whispered seven times, 
Can hold the answer within all these lies. 

My oath to madness, within seven breaths, 
Can hold
"Your time has come,
Your mind belongs to me."

It's the time of the oath
The time of the oath
My sweetest memories die in the cold
It's the time
the oath
Farewell my friend, farewell
The mighty clouds from
The earth, they ride
The ancient oath so strong
Only they'll survive in fire and water
The sound of swords
The great horn
and you shall find your destiny

Loneliness will haunt you
Will you sacrifice?
Do you take the oath
Will you give your life
Under the rose?
I have sworn the oath of the goat
I have bled for my oath
I have been in the kingdom unknown
I have sworn the oath of the goat
The everlasting
before you)
See the

Abandon the safety of mindless following

To the grave we take this oath
To leave this world behind
Hear the words of the voice
the starlight to the end
The tail of the echo subsides (oath breaker sinks low)

So I crawl through the hailstones
My eyes fixed on my return (oath breaker
know this is my oath, so please don't cry
I said that I know, this is my oath, so please don't cry
They say a man must earn the pleasures in his life
I can move mountains
I can work a miracle, work a miracle
Oh, oh, keep you like an oath
May nothing but death do us part

She wants to dance
low, just call me whenever
This is my oath to you
Wherever you go, just always remember
You're never alone, we're birds of a feather
And we'll never
The blades bright in the night
Brighting at the moonlight
The cold wind freeze my veins
And snow blinds my eyes
Under the sacred oath
Evil force
Who hears the voices calling - who calls to rise above them?
Who rises when they've fallen, taking an oath for the trouble they're causing.
Would the demon convert me! 
With a priest by his side
Can the darkness swear an oath
Can we all survive! 

Would the devil convert me! 
(home home home...)
And we pray till the morning
On the ashes from the oath
The ashes from the oath

Early morning, the strangers sailed away
undying and my birth-right unclaimed.

Battles fought, under the mighty Oath.
Hammers high.
Kingdoms fall by our sword.
We praise the Gods.

if I break the oath.

Blood covenant

[Verse 2]
Jonathan died in battle
David, ascend to the throne
Mephibosheth a cripple
the oath we sworn, to spread the word of a Legend Reborn 

Moving silent like a gentle breeze
We´re the troops of metal and we do as we please
We are
Far above the ravengate
The spread wings of blashyrkh waits
Above the roaring depths
Sits the oath of frost
On the elder raventhrone
Older mountains
And the words that you speak start to falter.
The seal is broken, the oath has been crossed,
In the house of the dead there's a taker.
Some say that this is
veil in your hair 
No maiden dress to alter 
No Bible oath to swear 

The secret marriage vow is never spoken 
The secret marriage can never be
in your hair
No maiden dress to alter
No bible oath to swear

The secret marriage vow is never spoken
The secret marriage never can be broken
Got some action on the other side
Loose teeth in my head
New programs are coming in
So rise and take your oath
I wish we could get away