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offside - so don't say anything
And Jimmy said words I hadn't heard before
Like licentiousness and what about getting a job
But the blood in your body
seem to desert you
And your family's offside
Want to leave this mess behind you
Want to run away and hide

Then I want it
Got to have it
You ought a be ashamed of yourself baby
Offside and holding yeah, 
Holding on to some one else
You know you're cheating baby,
Faking the bout
a chill of the air we were born in
Before the debate came in
The rewards are great for those who can stay
Would you all push me offside
Force me to hide
to cave in although you ain't on a roof
The rhythm track from offside's to angles
Playing the wimp fight resist ... strangle
You can't escape until
the wrong to the right
From the depth to the surface
From the dark to the light
From offside to the middle
From routine to surprise
From the void
style blitz your whole play when I slide
Offsides, soft hides, make for more murder rides
Runnin' deprieving make for dead presidents
Never hesistant when
When I strike, I stay severe, niggaz stay low in they glare 
From over here, my Range Rover square to blast offside 
Switch the pitch from southpaw
the delay?
Send him off to the, the bench!
What do you mean he was fucking offside?
Ain't you flippin' opened your eyes?
He was through on the ball,
You're forced to reside on the north side
Babylon is never penalized
For bein offsides, so many lost lives
I wonder how long before the herd dies
at me, it could go off offside your head
Temple to the brain, now he dead
That's a life learned lesson, never stress over bullshit
Wasn't even her why