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screamin no blood for oil
Groups of recruits get fitted for troop boots
While business suits shoot hoops eatin fruit loops
Yo I don't understand
The system got you but it won't get me

The Big "A" little "A" bouncin "B".
The system got you but it won't get me

Now my pops bought the system
Yo whassup P?

Yo nuttin man just coolin kick back in the studio wit DJ Scratch
And my man Frank B, reminiscin about how we was tryin to shop
I - Daz]
Cruzin' down the block
And my system bangin' out about a million watts
All these suckers wanna stare and jock
And hear my shit subbin' down
a lotta automatic booty applications
Got a C-P-U maxed out sensation
Looking for a joy to man my station (reboot)
Rock the nation 
(Rock it, baby)
pens, desks, policies and P.R. campaigns
(Fed by the spoils of war)
Against the "lazy, shiftless" populations of the poor.
This system cannot be
-P. Barrett-G Smith-

Sweet Jamaica man a I and I land that
Me no stop love it
And me know the whole massive love it
And them respect it to man, hear
Greed & hate & racism
And what we have is a fucked up system

Let's stop the insanity let's end humanity
Mediocre generica let's start with
Greetings, earthlings, take me to your leader (ooh shit!)

D.E.E.P. you want to go D.E.E.P., I'll take ya D.E.E.P
You know you fucked up when you

"Kelly V-I-P". I repeat, "Kelly V-I-P", sir.  

He's right captain, this is big

Only if we allow him to reach his destination.
against my client
Snoop Dogg, Tha Doggfather
For 227 counts of flexing his G's, popping his P's
Dotting his I's and crossing his T's

The anti-player has
charges against my client
Snoop Dogg, Tha Doggfather
For 227 counts of flexing his G's, popping his P's
Dotting his I's and crossing his T's
P-P-Pimp Nutz (Who?) P-P-Pimp Nutz
Rollin' through your muthafuckin hood in the big truck
(What?) be-be-big truck (What?) be-be-big truck
Well it's
[Mo B. Dick]
Things ain't what they used to be.  
Things ain't what they used to be.

[Verse 1: Master P]
I remember back in the days it wasn't
Slow down baby

Cause you can get rugged, tough, hard like P
Tried to play my man but you couldn't touch me
You faggot, no comp' rapper
on the drop
And you keep them thangs cocked -- cause we some gangsters nigga

[Master P]
My lifestyle gangster, I'm from the gutter, the bottom nigga
I learned
taking you over it's like Ally Sheedy says she's the protagonist in your head like an anthem or a bad P.A. system or arugula or kiss me now
But today when they play I could hiss them
Every bar is a jar to my system
But there's one musical instrument that I call mine

I love
sliding brutally through the system, the whole feeling of being digested Turned out to be nothing more that the feather-soft caresses of a juggernaut world
Or spend your days down in the dirt
You see things can change,
Yes an walls can come tumbling down!

Governments crack and systems fall
Wall warts and wires,
Emphatic the (p)liers you hide up your sleeve
The net work delays can't hold me from the day that I lick the bowl clean
And of course a P.A. system if you're wantin' me to sing

Now you look so happy you could cry
And that explains the tear drops I see wellin' in your eyes
Gotta kill themselves nine times before they get it right
The P.A. system keeps my hard heart beating tonight

(Oh hell yes)
I'm a nervous wreck
[Music: P. Wagner/Lyrics: P. Wagner]

They say we'll have war
For peace it shall be too late
I'm a good fighter and I'm
Not a friend of debates
Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na na

Sound selector activate your transistor
Transmitter audio wears through your system