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the law
It's against the law
It's against the law
It's against the law
Don't sell illegal drugs
Don't bust people in the head
Don't stick up people
your love
I said your love, your love, your love, is my drug
Your love your love your love

I don't care what people say
The rush is worth the price
back's up against
That same damn dirty wall

Every place you live
Turns out the same
You passed your last buck
You give drugs a bad name

You give
Put your hand against your skin
Rub it gently to begin
You feel it
Can you feel it?
When does pleasure become pain?
When does sex become insane?
Sing of legend, sing of destruction
Witness the last of the god-men
Hear about Megas Jonsson *
Cast the runes against your own soul
There is not much
making those desperate calls
I'm staying up all night hoping
Hitting my head against the wall

What you've got, boy, is hard to find
I think about it
Purge the district
Scrub it hard
Time to clean up our own backyard.
People standing in the way
Are on the list of people getting paid.
Not just
We're not against rap
We're not against rappers
But we are against those Migos

Gangsta rap is back
Gangsta rap is back
Is back, is back
We tell our kids to just say no 
Then some panty waist judge lets a drug dealer go
Slaps him on the wrist and then he turns him back out on the town.
we can do it!
Woman: Oh, no, Johnny, no...

Frankie: Okay now, just lean up against that door. When I give the word "Go" we just..., we
You know
What you gotta understand is that it's a drug
that affects the brain chemistry of the user
and it causes things like paranoia, euphoria,
[MC Serch]
Once again, this is your brain
This is your brain on drugs *egg starts frying*
This is your brain on social narcotics
Any questions?
hair go wild
Lookin like a nappy nigga child
Black folk say, 'Cut that bush'
Quicker than George Bush, drugs get pushed
They want a nigga clean-cut
Does anybody out there know that for the first time in American history the U.S. Army was used in a war operation against the American people? Right
that cuts the throat
Innocent people murdered
While malicious madmen gloat

Child alcoholics
Fathers raping daughters
Madness in the family
Text to the sexless, dollars to the needy
Power to the people but DEATH to the greedy
(In the future) There's gonna be a new drug
To keep the people
Streets, schools for the residents
Home for drugs and the people that are sellin' it
Kickin' back playin' the walls
Crusin' set
And let the good times
And the Hitlers we handpick
To bleed their people dry
For our evil empire

The drug we're fed
To make us like it
Is God and country with a band

People we
guilt though
It's not the company I keep

People my age
They don't do the things I do
They go somehwere
While I run away with you
I got my friends
government for the people, by the people'
What people? We ain't equal
Discriminated against for race, religion, education
And you call this a nation?
the cruel hand of fate
A tax loss against the state
You had to move three times this year
I'd rather be any where but here
The champagne highs
Population, real frustration - ready to bug
No formation, it's really hard against streettugs
So the blocks shock with rock, different from a jvc
even bark
Told son "leave the block"
Get that money upstairs
In case the 'covers see it's marked
Beat a man who plot against me, God forgive me
When I write my lyrics, it's like, it's like
I want my shit to be phat, I want people to be able to understand
Yo, Anybody can rhyme,
makin' dollars in the club
Feedin' babies, her Mercedes, came from niggas stolen drugs

I know what it feels like to wake up broke
And face another day