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heard their prayer
Down in New Orleans

On the run, there's a life for livin'
But the people there, they just don't care
Livin' their life like
Idi amin is a wanted man
Shah of iran tried so hard to survive
He too was wanted dead or alive

Strikes, demonstrations & wars
Injustice is
The Shah of Iran, he ran from terror
People's revolution taking over th land
It wasn't always like that
There's a new superman - Ayatollah Khomeini
living like hell in a world of death
Protectors of the people wear bullet-proof vests
Your little nephew, flipped him a Uzi
Took to the streets, shot em
of the swill
Triumph of the swill
Triumph of the swill
Triumph of the swill 

Music is banned in Khomeini's Iran
On the grounds that it stimulates
for the people who walked from the rubble
And sob for the ones left below?
Did you burst out in pride for the red, white, and blue
And heroes who
the people wanna sing the hook in Arabic


Seven Star Hotels, Maybach, Movies
Sick big, knock camel toe 
Women walking around while security
Taxed and regulated by the federal government.

I’m gonna call up a talk show
I’m gonna give ‘em a piece
I don’t give a damn about Iran
Or the Middle
it's our enemy
The people in Iran and Mr. Bush and the states
Is what Saddam in Iraq just hates
So stand up everybody
Come stand up for your rights
a choice
Got to make this planet hear my voice
Lebanon,Russia,Iraq and Iran
Too many people dyin' playing Superman
Be cool,don't be no fool
Please Mr.Reagan
So what the fuck is this UK
Gunnin' with this US of A
In Iraq and Iran and in Afghanistan

Does not a day go by
Without the Israeli Air Force
So what the fuck is this UK
Gunnin' with this US of A
In Iraq and Iran and in Afghanistan

Does not a day go by
Without the Israeli Air Force
You call yourself the moral majority
We call ourselves the people in the real world
Trying to rub us out, but we're going to survive
God must be
Holy wars, Insane crusaders
Killing in the name of god
Ayatollahs with machine guns
Iran, Iraq must drown in blood
Beirut, Belfast, Sikhs and Hindus
Abort your mission, looks like you've got to abort this situation

The revolution will be televised in Iran
And the Holy Koran
You can go
the hole in your heart put a gun in your hand 

Protecting the money and out serving the state 
Crushing the people with the laws they created 
of a terrorist
Looking for the man Saddam,
Who gave me a gun as Iran to the sun
If you die like a dog then you are then you are Saddam

They shall drown in
white and blue
People from Iran ain't never did shit to us
So why the distrust?
The system want to keep us at each other's throats
While we're payin'
in the line, fan
Oh it gets hot in the kitchen, hot as a cayenne
But I can handle the heat hotter than Iran

I am the man, handing out toe tags
they're loyal
In a whole 'nother land by the name of Iran
The people got wise and took a stand

To the oil companies, ay ain't shit funny?
This is our oil,
on a villa loft
And then I step up in the club then these other niggas mad as shit
The way I make the people wanna sing the hook in Arabic

La ilaha illa
(As we proceed...come on...yeah)

Awake these people up and show them they keep dreamin'
Breathe, Stretch, Shake, let it go
are bakers
We all talk having greens, but none of us on acres
If none of us on acres, and none of us grow wheat
Then who will feed our people when
Some people gotta die just to be free
You search for justice and what do you find?
You find just us on the unemployment line
You find just us sweating
get it

All the people know now
Amsterdam to Iran
Italy, Germany and Japan, c'mon

Everywhere we go
Competition can't spit
So Dilated run through 'em