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Me and my children
Together once in a while
We go walking and talking
Seeing them smile and
Run and play
Reading their minds
Ever growing wiser
the same
Trying to change the script for this old play
Reading and not feeling what you say
You' re coming on too strong for me to stay 
Interpret what
sheer poverty
His vice was reading plays
While other children starved and fought
He learned just what to say
Through tension and confession
He beat
a thousand times 
And they know that's the only way to play 
You been a reading it without living it 
Now that's the golden prison we can always find
a spilled drink floor
Can't tell what I want but I think it's more

So I wait for your eyes I was reading your plays
Put a light to my smoke with
Words love to play
With your mind

But there’s got to be 
Some sign of emotion
Out on a road that
Leads somewhere
I’ve got to see some
down into the cogs of mass production
And you're lip reading, you're lip reading

You've gotta see the designer souls in action
Flagging each
Here's where the credits run 
Riding off into the sun 
And love is real 
Reading your eyes in the glow 
Play on, play on 
Happy endings
I'm a boogie boogie boogie boogie boy
I like to play around with boogie toys
I need a boogie girl to boogie too
I need a doogie god my shoe
It's been rough and rocky travelin' 
But I'm finally standing upright on the ground
After takin' several readings I'm surprised 
To find my mind's
They say you walk around
As if a ghost had
Crossed your path
And turned into a reading material
As it happens to be chosen
From the torn
It's been rough and rocky travelin' 
But I'm finally standing upright on the ground
After takin' several readings I'm surprised 
To find my mind's
from mine

San Francisco, Sacramento
Will I ever go to Los Angeles or San Diego ?
To Reading or Fresno
Needles or Borstow, California I have so far
think it's free 'cause they show it
On the cable t.v.
Your favorite kind of reading is a
Lyric sheet
The record that you play, you play
Because it's
handlin this business here

[Bizzy Bone]
They can never play me with they mystical readings
It's the bald head horse man, evil retreatin
One steppin up in
the dawn, casting light on the play
Acting it out in our own special way
Making our entrance and reading the lines
The story of people who live by the Tyne
on trying to get a crowd for Evensong
Nobody cares to depend to depend upon the chime it plays
They're all in the station praying for trains
I play the song, it was our own
Your photograph's by my side
I know I can't forget you
So I don't even try

The note you left is in my hand
A sarsparilla drink turns white teeth shades of pink 
Sunday league play in the sunshine 
I hear the whistle blow at halftime 
With chapped legs and muddy
one seems to want to play for real
In classroom, club or pool
Hey, Headmaster, what're you gonna do?

There's an invitation in the post
Sunday night
I was riding on the a train
Reading the newspaper
A woman was trying to convince a man
That she hadn't done it

All these years
Reading into my missing beats
Addict par accident
On salary
Explaining what was meant by
Responsibility swap
Response dead
Force excess to muffle

Feeding your interest in between lines
Reading the caring one, sign of the times
This is your Englishman, this is his lawn
This is your
Remember that night
We liked to play old board games
Him into trouble and you into risk
Thank God for gravity he replied
To a question she never
spoil the fun?
If I play it cool, will you think I'm playin' dumb?

My mind tumbles when I talk to you
You wouldn't think it would be so hard to do