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Wouldn't ya like to be right now
Out where the actors play?
So much for your disguise

I saw two souls out searchin'
They said their last goodbyes
And I saw
I never tried to change you
But the hurt is changing me
I only want to be myself
And you won't let that be
I can't play an actor's role
'Cause I
I wish I wasn't waiting 
This place gets smaller everyday 
We all have characters and we know the parts we play 
We're actors and actresses
floral bouquets.

And now its time for the play...

The actor in the center of the stage looks sadly at a teacup, 
Reads a poem off the teacup
faith is the mast 
Without the breath of real freedom we're getting nowhere fast 

If God is dead and an actor plays his part 
His words of fear will
for help
But the wind blows away all my words

You sat there once beside me
Where the actors play, you kissed me every night

When you left you
The character actor plays romantic leads and the kitten curls in wet anticipation,
The opportunity is here.
It's not the first time, it's not
performing a most absurd play
All those actors are crazy
The director is on drugs
But I found it's the much better way

To look into the sun
And leave my
And at the end of the play
As the actor leaves the stage 
An audience member with a compulsion to make everything the same
Is bound to say:
The magazine says the girl should have went solo
The guys should stop rapping - vanish like Menudo
Took it to the heart, but every actor plays his part