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Take the lovebird, kiss the stranger
Leave the trailer, take the car
Feel the sound rushing over you

See my finger, the way it points you
Was on the strict Q.T.
So if you want your freedom P.D.Q.
Divorce me C.O.D.

I won't be around
To hear you cry
I'm Texas bound
And by and by

no me amedrentas con tu alaraca se q proviene d un cerebro d kk 
no se t okurre mas q dexirme naka 
xq tu tienes un cerebro d kk 

me ves y me
end up in debt,
Oh try as you may,
You just can't get away
From mathematics!

Andrew Wiles gently smiles,
Does his thing, and voila!
Q.E.D., we
Muerto el corazon

kiero decir q antes d ti
Jamas imagine q un dia
Iba a sentir algo asi
Lo k un amor tan magico vivia
Fue tu voz tus labios talvez






L'amour c'est violent (Yes)
La rue c'est violent (Uh, uh, uh)
Donc le rap c'est violent
C.Q.F.D (Uh)

Me traite pas de méchant
Ils ferment les usines,
ain't my fault
Hehe, Q.D., where you be? ahh
Don't blame me blame my momma, a nigga nature

QDIII, and Lil' Mo
Tupac, puttin' it down fo' sho'

Ton Q.I, mon cul est, ton Q.I
I smell the sound of a growing gash
With pop sensibilities.
"It's a tune that equals you."
I feel
Hallelujah I fail,
Bulemia I'm the 
World turns ..gravity pulls..we hold it down..It's Q..D...T...and 
Me...The best pound for pound 

Vs.2: IQ & T-Strait 

I'm guaranteed to keep it cracking just like eggs hitting the flor
I'm dotting just want to be I ask
Clipping the wings I want to fly ass
Only Q
Only Q and D. Miles can look down on me
Maybe I should bee bee in my head 
I puts it down homie

[Hook x2]

You tell em watch me now I'm
Q&A'd like a survey
But me I only cared if you heard
'Cause you never gave it away, I earned it
And I used to get around'til you turned me
But I never
Fleury, la santé, le bloc, le Q.D, la division
Ils trouvent tout le monde quand t'es max, mais personne quand tu bé-tom
La street c'est comme un
juste de me taire
Juste un négro de plus, Q.I d'une pomme de terre
Au fond de la classe seulement là pour niquer des mères
Soldat 92izi, armes de
juste de me taire
Juste un négro de plus, Q.I d'une pomme de terre
Au fond de la classe seulement là pour niquer des mères
Soldat 92izi, armes de
Nigga better be S-Q-A-D
Until the bigger man do take me
Squad shit!
You don't want no violence to keep the quiet
We call my people wild, and then we
time (time) for the D-Q
I say who-dee-who

Pa** me the courvoisier
It's a party-yea, it's time to play
I see today is a good day
I'm out
a party and ya gotta wear your suit 

And ain't no time (time) for the D-Q 

I say who-dee-who 


Pass me the courvoisier 

q'dune main.
D'un son qui n'est pas permis fait mal comme la zermi,
En mode Rémi, mais avec une famille en hass, en mode RMI.
Trop d'frère en mode ami
What's your d*ck like homie, what are you into, what's the run, dude?
Where do you wake up? Tell your b*tch keep hating,
I'm the new one too,

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