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rejuvenate the archer,
The moment's aim is in his hands
The sorceror
Spewing spewing over the brim of the world
You pay your debts to the reaper
O.K. H.Q
less niggas have got wet up
I'm on a mission, scrambling my enemies transmission
when he least expect it, run up in his h-q
hi I.Q., every verse is e-q
I presume that by now he'll have reached G.H.Q.
 I'm sure that's what happened to him!
 Refrain 5
 Whatever became of old Archie?
 I hear he
the army H.Q.
And she's an actress, the last straw
Her only good parts are between her thighs
She should stare at the ceiling, not reach for the skies
On fait du biff nous
Vous, sortez les mouchoirs, on vient fumer les spliffs et les mouchards
Q.H.S, le rap c'est le carnaval ou la wesh?
Y'a ceux qui
The talk of heredity can't be quite true,
 He was dropped on his head by his ayah at two,
 I presume that by now he'll have reached G.H.Q.
 I'm sure
how much longer I'll be on this Earth
Cause I'm the worst type of nigga on this here turf
So disperse


[3rd verse]
That's why I say 

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