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Al Qaeda Jada, Vol. 2 (Jadakiss)

Al Qaeda
Esoteric agenda
Open your eyes and see this world
Is not what it seems free your soul
From the ties that bind us all
Time is upon us
Because we are all guilty, guilty as sin
There will be no peace, never for you and for me
Before al Qaeda and Bin Laden
Long before Hitler and Hussein
listen to anything, they've said
Don't listen

Lies lies lies lies

America has been hijacked
Not by Al Qaeda, not by Bin Laden
But by a group
revolution's the act
Keep us crazy 'bout money, 'bout pollution and crack
Keep us scared of Al'Qaeda always on the attack
Just in case you get by and start
believe in thought control
Do you believe in wonderland, 
Or that there might just be no Al Qaeda at all
This is no place for the is no place for
Qaeda expert merkin'
When all my niggas die
They gon' have 80 virgins
I'm the 'Burb swervin'
Cause I'm drunk and I'm high
Wit that glock and pump,
stop me!
That 4-30 spider, carbon fibre
And my dog is like al qaeda natural fighter!
Rapid fire, you're sweet like apple cider,
The mack'll fire,
to Bootcamp, the worlds facing terror
Bin Laden been happening in Manhatten
Crack was anthrax back then, back when
Police was Al'Qaeda to black men
While I
And don't give em all, no ,man, just give em some
It's the paper, then these cops must be Al-Qaeda

The more money that they make
The more
make grilled cheese for you, the best
Major coke figure, I'm the fresh David Koresh
Soldiers all in Al-Qaeda, new Mercades for cadets
Balmain uniform,
in London muthafucka

My name is Yayo a crazy nigga don't play tho?
I hit?cha planters peanut wit' the .80
Al Qaeda, expert merkin?
When all my niggas
Ask me 'bout another bitch
Ask me 'bout a body
Some illegal shit, I plead the Fifth
250 rounds pussy thats the Al- Qaeda shit
Ridin 'round in
up, Al-Qaeda
And this trap was just a favor
That turned into a classic, hater
I run rap like a master dater
You take forever to make
of the weather, bitch don't get the chedda'
And keep big daddy ridin' two-three's or betta
Wood on the dash wit the peanut-butta' leather
And like that Al Qaeda
ahead catch a shell tryna stop me
That 4-30 spider, carbon fibre
And my dog is like Al-Qaeda natural fighter
Rapid fire, you're sweet like apple cider,
I flip goods like a stock trader (get money!)
Theodore rush the floor, we attack like Al'Qaeda
Suicide missionary, black activist
Nice with
With weapons of mass destruction an hour later
What's your identidy today?
You on some John F. Kennedy or Timothy McVeigh?
This Henessy done
day, leave ‘em by the lake day
Point me to your writers, I’m turning this Al-Qaeda
Nine stamps on the passport ‘cause I’m balling
Niggas calling me
Cause to kids I wouldn't cater
Go against the system you in bed with Al'Qaeda
Dog they not playin'
Look here, they goin' to war with more than
Tomahawk missiles 
Moqtada al Sadr Bin Laden Al Qaeda 
They all multiplyin' and hidin' and George can't find 'em 
And even if he did and killed them then
I'm still shifty, fuck with me, buck fifty
To your face with the sharp razor
Slice like a light saber, bright like a Lifesaver
Hi haters, play
lifestyle, don't mistake the westsida
For Al-Qaeda this ain't Supafly nigga I'm a Spida

West side duck nigga, West Coast
I can make a promise right now
the place and we raising the roof,
Like Al Qaeda had placed a case in the booth,
A taste of the truth and some flawless shit,
Like John Howard knows the taste
like Led Zep and Al Qaeda
With weapons of mass destruction an hour later
What's your identidy today?
You on some John F. Kennedy or Timothy McVeigh?
All they talk about is terrorism on television
They tell you to listen, but they don't really tell you they mission
They funded Al-Qaeda, and now they