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There are factors rearranged every time
The phrases, the angles, so fine
Sunken valleys
And decades of crime
Distant seasons
A smile that was
There are factors re-arranged every time
The phrases, the angles, so fine
Sunken valleys and decades of crime
Distant seasons
A smile that was quoted
There are factors rearranged every time
The phrases, the angles, so fine
Sunken valleys
And decades of crime
Distant seasons
A smile that was
Why should I love you?
You treat me so bad, you make me glad
Why should I care for you
I'll tell you my feelings honestly

There are a few factors
(1 Timothy 4:1-3, 2 Tim. 3:1-5, 2 Cor. 11:13-14)
Fascination with the stars
Consequences of the crystal factor
Answers to life are far
Looking for
Throw the switches, prime the charge.
Yesterday's for mice and gods.

Slowly, broken windows returning to the sand.
The economic factors are no
The qualifying factors are politics and class
Left wing macho street fighters willing to kick arse
They said because of racism they'd come out
pretended I didn’t know about my skeleton. 

Your honour I swear that I can explain; 
There are mitigating factors to consider in this case. 
I was
the message I cherish
That goes for my people of all religions
If we`re all black why have so many divisions
Superficial factors are drawing us apart 
I'm complaining, you're complaining, we all are complaining
That the world needs to be a better place
People slaying, babies paying a debt that they
real and fake.
Granted I, understand the fact that I'm not in your Marc Jacobs.
I know the lies and rumors are factors behind break-ups.
Don't let them
chill factor 
To the bone 

In her sighs 
Is a sorry indication 
Of how time 
Can brutalize 

Take away the hope 
And the will will
displayed, when the vocals are laid
Timin' is a factor when dissisions are made
So step inside the party all egoes aside
And let the crowd rock steady
many divisions 
superficial factors are drawing us apart 
don't let it happen 
let's put some respect back in 
so before I act I think 'cause it's
tyrant, coming through your environment
Iron mask, nigga iron gas, nigga I am back
With "The Team," no I in that
R.O.C., y'all not eyeing that
Y'all don't

Ten toes down nineteen seventy-nine
Southern California dummy repping heavy with mine
These motherfucking actors are not to a factor
Hilary Spunner
Droves of growers rolling by

In the trees and way below

Simple factors foiling time

Never did we seem to know

She was high and I was low

Got 'em saying I can't believe
She did it no she didn't
My wild factor's got them crazy
Got 'em saying: yea she did it
But I can't believe it
at the factors
Draw upon our excuses
In the negative mindfeild
The mind convinced, it's time to run
But isn't the enemy isn't the enemy you
You see
You run, it's
Kordell Stewart
Your flow all y'all using is mine, you're all useless
You ain't a factor, who are you fooling?
You all are fagots, you taking it
Somebody tell me 
What's going on?
Where are the wild ones? 
Where have they gone?
I've been looking all over
Out in the danger zone

Goodbye forever
You are the catalyst for imperfection
Clinging for that one last hint of refusal
Your most cherished reason for life ran out
to you....
....are you receiving me?

Well are you grooving up there
On your mission of love?
Whizzing onwards at warp factor nine
Several light years
â??You are weak, I am strong, and I've done nothing but lead you on,â?? she said.

Drove around all night, stoplights were interminable,
But I get
For we are actors without action
When the cost factors no reaction
Still we hide under roof and steeple ‘cause we’re afraid of broken people