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To your life

Here's a rabbit's food
Take it when you go
So you'll always know
You're safe from harm
Wear your ruby shoes
When you're far away
trade it all for a hamburger, or a pizza with double cheese.
(No anchovies, no pepperonis and no mushrooms;
No black olives or any other rabbit food
husky date is just having a salad…it must be their first date
and what goes better with rabbit food than ice water with a slice of lemon
sometimes I
Pullin' rabbit food out of parker
Carrots catch the light right, up the block from the farmer
He got that lettuce, that cabbage, that
"Look, when I'm hungry I need some meat
I don't need none of that rabbit food they're servin over at Veggie Hut"

"Meat to the Shizzake"

"Bro, I down lots
And my rings got so many carrots 
And you usually call this rabbit food 
And the sales is custom made 
No water involved I pay 
Good lord I
(Ha ha ha ha)
Sell a nigga hard white clay, on some sheek rock,
Rabbit food, one stop shop, gettin' money, all around the clock,
I be on the block
us was no loss
We started over with a rabbit and an ox

So they came down from the north
Carrying all they owned
With a basket full of food
me to deter really, is it? 
I mean, it's for a psychiatrist to deter these things, isn't it? 
I like dehre food, and dey arr veddy nice people.
Oh look there's a dead rabbit' all flat' completely flat' oh there's another one'
what's in the gutter... oh it's a' one of those polystyrene' um
After that ain't no doubt

You can never skin a rabbit when he's off and running
(In other words)
He's so cunning
I say love what you doing if you
And the dust did settle down
Birds and jack-rabbits
Lay dead on the ground
Trembled in the skys
Sparks shot forward
Causing us
out hunting rabbits, 'coons and 'possoms
Anything they could catch
Sometimes they would catch something, then again they didn't

And when they would
out hunting rabbits, 'coons and 'possoms
Anything they could catch
Sometimes they would catch something, then again they didn't

And when they would
shines down on New York City, 
And the Lord smiles down on us all. 
And a thousand years will pass 
And we'll be memories and food for the grass.
I awoke from oppression, I began to write for y'all 
Truth from a speck of light 
I chose to bring belief to those 
That hunger for the food
you're thinking faster than i run
now the more i get connected
the less i know who i am
and it feels like i'm the only one

the month has gone rabbits
hurts, I'll leave you begging for more
Like Roger, but this is not a story of a rabbit
Gismo and be	-O-W just got a habit
Of speeding up your heartbeat
monkeys, and rabbits,
And little white rats, shoot 'em full of this and that
There's cancer in your food,
Cancer in the air, cancer in your cigarettes
know I fuck whores outta habit 
Who framed Cube, motherfuck Roger Rabbit! 
'cause I couldn't have and got stabbed in the back 
By a black ass dirty
you arm distant from my carats, silly rabbits
Make me get my barrel, spazzed out and cause havoc
Iced out Cubans, exotic stones from Africa
Verse one:

Word life
Every day
every single day
Same old thing nah mean
Just anther struggle trying to put food in your stomach
keep a roof
and pulling rabbits out of hats
But under my make-up I'm a mischievous man
Killing as many boys as I can

[Jack The Ripper]
Do they who I am? I don't think they
on my shoulders
And blame David Blaine on any chains that hold us
What started out as food for thought, turned into thoughts to
Turn they

Crews into
Some bwoy at around all a know a feh a chew it
May we stab you like a rabbit, zagga zao

I love all American girls
I love all the English girls