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drink me, straight down the rabbit hole
White lines, white lies, straight down the rabbit hole

When I fall in love, I fall down the rabbit hole
(tune in)
Turn on (turn on)
Drop out

Going down the rabbit hole
Get away from all we know
Come on, follow
Come on and follow me
Going down
I'll always follow you (you, you)
I'll always follow
Rabbit holes
Rabbit holes
Where you wound up at no one knows
No one knows
No one knows
Go see Alice in the palace to crumble
Lally la, she trips to tumble
Go and roll down a rabbit hole 

Lally la, she trips and stumbles
Go see Alice
Tear me apart
Pinned like a note in a hospital gown
Prison of sleep
Deepened now
A rabbit hole never to be found

Where are you
Lavender clouds
Nothing matters here
Flying above
The ultraviolet sphere

And I will not look down

I am falling down the rabbit
Lavender clouds
Nothing matters here
Flying above
The ultraviolet sphere

And I will not look down

I am falling down the rabbit
Lavender clouds
Nothing matters here
Flying above
The ultraviolet sphere

And I will not look down

I am falling down the rabbit hole
Come so come
the rabbit hole is a candy shop of poison

A velvet tongue demur is cast and melted
We are not alone
A creature stirs outside these paper walls
These gods are
are not to blame for what happens to me

And the feathers on your breath
Dance along the wind and cut my chest
I'd follow you down any rabbit hole
changing your mind
(Mind, mind, mind)

I see what's at the ending of the rat trap
Lady Jabberwocky's eatin' bed bugs
The rabbit dug a hole straight
you'll need a rabbit-hole, 
So, run Adolf, run Adolf, run, run, run.
an example since you call it home
Anyone who listens is gonna get theirs when the water floods down
Into the rabbit hole

Hands up if you think you’re
won't be calm for long

You bring me down

I walked right in through the rabbit's door
And walked right into the rabbit's hole
I made myself an open
to me

This soul is sick with wicked exploration
My vulgar habits stitched the rabbit hole
A welcome mat for infestation

Fettered from the get go
of paper
Hold them over a match

I'm letting the good times roll
I'm down in the rabbit hole
I've got a Mexican radio
Me and my rubber soul
from their rabbit hole
Take one home and set him down right next to your shoes
Wake up to a big surprise my gift to you

And Christmas is going
I heard you fell into a rabbit hole
Covered yourself up in snow
Baby, tell me where'd you go
For days and days
Did they make you stay up all
The misery that binds us all has 
Left me here willing to fall
Down this rabbit hole disconnect 
The feelings that I stole
I swore to god
thought he was a cowboy
The mad hatter bashes your face again
Look into his eyes to see where evil lives
Bullet through window, and down the rabbit hole

One rabbit trapped inside the hole
With a thousand more the wolf will fall
run from
It has begun

Into the dark below
Evading shadows
Blind in a rabbit's hole
We fall beneath the earth
And watch the shell come unraveled
These days, losing ground control
These days down the rabbit hole
I try to catch a piece of sky
But I fly too low
Still I never want to lose
To throw your arms around

The next time I wake up
I want to be
In a rabbit hole
To the sound of you making coffee

With the warm
Salty sea
It?s waves
all the funny pain
Down the rabbit hole
And another world awaits behind the little door

You can go ask Alice
Just why the hatter is mad

All are

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