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of playing dead
The sunset watches me instead
Too tired, to retire. Too tired, to retire

Don't keep me in suspense by laying motionless
Just treat me like
a straight line
Dancing Spanish Hands
My heart retires far early
Away these foreign lands

She's a yellow girl, she's a sunflower
A thin wind well mind
come lay with me
China love
How pleasant life will be
China love
As the sun retires
Our love will transpire
Make love to me
China love

I see
of marching soldiers and who am I?
Bullet for guns through the door and retires and it fades away

With three little colours lying in the gutter
dreams come true tomorrow we'll retire
We still have the old homeplace we paid it off last year
And we don't owe a soul a dime now everything is clear
eating us

So before we're all devoured
Time to rise up and retire
In cathedral spires
Watching as the world expires
From up amongst the clouds
Surely I could retire

I want to retire, no longer required
I want to get by without the man on my back
A tear in my eye with a heart full
Oh tonight I will retire
To the arms of my lover
The sweetest kiss she will give
As I lay down beside her

What will she think
When she awakes
Yesterday's glory won't help us today
You want to retire?
Get out of the way

The country needs a father
Not an uncle or big brother
Someone to keep
you don't from sin retire
He will set your fields on fire
You have heard Jesus' call
And in death your soul must fall
Now my friend if you desire
love is no ricochet - won't go astray

I can't light the fuse and then retire
Love's got me in it's line of fire

Oo baby you're dynamite
There's never
I'm in the mood let's build a fire
Till the embers retire
We'll be lost in a world of ecstasy

Forget about your troubles
Forget about my woes
Get out of town
Before it's too late my love
Get out of town
Be good to me please

Why wish me harm
Why not retire to a farm
And be contented
Get out of town
Before it's too late, my love
Get out of town
Be good to me please

Why wish me harm?
Why not retire to a farm
And be contented
All you gotta do is
Be a little wiser
Know when to retire
Listen to the sounds
Lay your troubles down
Melt into the ground
around me.
I'm in the mood.
Lets build a fire.
Till the embers retire, we'll be
Lost in a world of ecstasy.
Forget about your troubles.
Forget about
to retire, retire, retire
forget her fire
It just makes me lonely, one more Goddess to retire

Now I have been brought down by less
That felled my mighty lioness
But what I see
Foster the frank questions
The plants in my garden,
Flourish, seed and perish
My sweetheart and I will retire,
Will retire to the tide pools.
And we'll fix our meals of crabs and krill in the long afternoon.
And we'll shed

Foster the frank questions

The plants in my garden
Flourish, seed and perish
You don’t feel the same
When the fears go
You ride my time, I'll never go with you tonight
Until the party ends, until the part when we retire
to retire
On the brink of my answer I fell asleep
For a little while
for history
So retire the ships, the final voyage was his
the night in jail 


Sheriff gonna go far 
Drivin' to the state house 
If she makes a million 
Papa can retire