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All alone the captain stands
Hasn't heard from his deck hands.
The gambler tips his hat and walks towards the door.
It's the second half
And we'll be strong together 
And we'll be strong together 
Shatter the glass and second half on your funky ass
A minute,
A second,
A half-life,
A minus,
A segment,
A blinder,
Elective detention.
It's secession time,
Paid for by cutting backwards.
look up one day and see your playhouse tumblin down

REPEAT CHORUS Then solo over second half of verse
then REPEAT CHORUS with variations
this is living 
hey this is what I can give you 

you're not so far away 
a half second apart 
you're not so far away 
a half second relay 

you give me
Imagine this new world
Friends full of sharing
A new world filled with caring

[Repeat chorus and second half of chorus]
& the second in fear
A half wit am I read

And tread dependence beneath my feet
Step right up something's happening here
Every man is made of two opinions
Every woman has a second half
And it's samba time for Tambo and weep day for urine man 
(samba time for Tambo
Rewrote the second half like this
So my protagonist
Might find his way back home

I don't want to disappoint you
I don't want to disappear
the second half
Hell, I can do that

Well I must have dozed off
I woke up with my baby next to me
Remote in her hand, tears in her eyes from a movie
...D'you see that goal in the Second Half? oh!...
...Bit of a dirty tackle that, mate!...
...I reckon I should've had a bet on it myself!...
...We paid
making noises that made more 
Sense than a signal in plain view 
Exaggerated lines for eyes 

In between the shakes and clicks is less than 
wanna get a hold of you

When they write the history books and try to explain
The second half of the twentieth century
They'll talk about puttin'
the die hard ying yang twins fans
The ones that been with us from day one
The second half of the album we gonna team up with my man Wyclef and my man
a hold of you

When they write the history books and try to explain
The second half of the twentieth century
They'll talk about puttin' a man
I rap hard like them dicks in porno flicks
Like them brothas in them movies I have bout 30 chicks
And when my glock cliks half second and then I
the action sure got fast that second half
With Mabel out Edna came on strong to bring the hometeam back
There was no way that ball could miss when Edna raised
Half a second later and I'm wasted in space

No, no, I'm hellbound
them in the first half and I don't know what he puts in the tea in the second half but erm we were like kinda zombies when we came back on. There weren't
Accumulate into one
The second half has begun
And I'm not the judge.
Innocent are hung
Remain unsung
And I hold a grudge.
Take a stab in the dark
seem to fit
She just slipped under harmony 
And now I'm empty handed
I'm just half empty, a second best
Somewhere it's too soon
Just not enough
The second half right?

We started a fire
That was never supposed to burn out
You started a band
That cool for awhile but it turned pretty bland
just in time
Skip the second half of the double jump
Chase it right down to the finish line

That's how you make it look easy
You make it look easy,
Start to appear

Hide it slowly 
Whisper 'show me' 
Sink in coldly 
Greet with lonely 
Cut it open 
Cursed by motion 
Last half older 
the second half of his name? 
Terry is the last part of Rotary 
Drum it up, drum it up...

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