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Nikita series.
Time is on trial

Generation and collapse
inside the space of things

Series of inertia
A trial and a time
France has carried out the first of a planned series of underground nuclear tests
At modoroah isle in the south pacific
The french defence ministry
I was thinking of a series of dreams
Where nothing comes up to the top
Everything stays down where it's wounded
And comes to a permanent stop
Some foolish man dreamt 
That dreaming had no meaning 
And life is quite simply 
A series of illusions... 

Tonight, sleep well tonight 

It was one in a series of
Highlights and holy lows
One in a series go!

Forget yourself
He's somewhere else
You have the luxury
wide open falsehood 
the clan destine truths 
rival till the end 
in a series of duels 
pardon the drapery language I choose 

Waltz in Vienna
What can be romantic to mike watt? 
He's only a skeleton his body is a series of points no height, 
Length, or width in his joints he feels life
Passed to hand, behind the curtain
The letter brings change, now things are uncertain
Hand to hand, the letter moves on
Like a series of shocks, but
Man infected like railroad series
Man infected like tinsel
Man infected as socialite
Man infected remembers
As it so decides the sights he sees
As he
the pull of affection has a bleaching affect. a series of square-one references. eleven eleven to one eleven tracers blaze. a glow off the face of a soldier,
this series has a pattern, i found it
Forever, forever.
So many faces in and out of my life,
Some will last, some will just be now and then.
Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes
I'm afraid
Some will just be now and then
Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes
I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again
Say goodbye to Hollywood
Say goodbye
they blow it to kingdom come

Riderless horses, Noam Chomsky's Camelot
Bruises on my hands from digging my nails out
A series of images against you
A ghost passes through you
I feel it and I scream
Search lights pry at my dreams
This is my memory

A lonely series
Repeats without even
Okay, so these are called "Pain Series" poems. 
It's very easy to write a Pain Series poem; all you have to do â?? there's just two rules. 
The â??
to the other side of the world.
But life was like a dream.
A series of meaningless movement.

And then by chance she met 
You and your brother.
The moment
an identity through the series of misleading disillusion me again
dark to see
And I swim anyway
To a bank I know I know must be there
But it's too dark to see

There's a series of opening,closing,shifting doors
When you're living in a series of atmospheres
You don't stand upon the world, but within it
And the faster that you move, the lighter you become
If it was for me,
I thought it would come so easy.
Never realized, life's just a series of lows and highs.
I just want to create, it doesn't
So many faces in and out of my life
Some will last, some will just be now and then
Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes
I'm afraid it's time
has been a series of endless changes,
A constant struggle to be free.
One thing I know for sure now baby,
It's me for you and you for me.

I pray the wrecking ball is waning 
She says, "The satellite is coming. 
It's come to take us home." 

This series of bearings that will us in

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