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I keep my dick hangin' out of my pants
So I can point out what I want
I was chosen by standard procedures
And I'll assure you I don't mind

prodding counterparts
provocatioin stands unanswered
Divergence of standard procedure
Bestowment of allusion granted

Come on, false rival

No excuse,
three occupants were gathering from various sectors to
Observe the opening, as per standard procedure, their data input
Stations were fed appropriate
Boy I must be FIFA and that's standard
Procedure from Miami to Ibiza

From Miami to Ibiza
From Miami to Ibiza
the perpetrators
They canvassed the neighborhood with standard procedure
And visited the home of a topless skeezer

Who was at the bar when he was last seen
into the eyes of the child watching on the tv
Kid hits the floor until her epileptic seizure
Leaves her paramedics follow standard procedure
The deconstruction of a functional addict
Leaving assumptions to a bunch of fanatics
It's just standard procedure
With a automatic pilot light
Hide behind a white
feet in the air, we're all there

Standard procedure, land hime at Narita
Find reefer, hit thet telli for some leisure
Relaxin', lookin' out over Osaka
the counter checking everything I got,
Thinking am I thiefin' or what?
Get your bloody chief down
Just to check the spots, standard procedure,
Just cos they
only right I'm wearing my Rolex, hello standard procedure

Bun your cheap talk (pop pop)
Who do you think I am
See me me me I'm on a mad ting