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that train and ride
To someone left behind
You don't need the wind to tell you
You're on lonesome standard time

Do you sit alone and think about
between east and standard time, 
so promise me... 
you'll still be mine. 
Will this come between us 
as I doubt all of the pages I pour out? 
When our
December twenty-fourth
Nine pm
Eastern Standard Time
From here on in I shoot without a script
See if anything comes of it
Instead of my old shit
We just want distraction from the reality that threatens us
To drown out the the thoughts of wasted time.
To continue our standard of living.
We just
Standard Time is slow, 
So ask yourself: Am I a 'Lucky Star' 
Or am I 'Like a Prayer' 
Or do I even dare 
To peel away the off-white face again? 

You can
Charleston Railroad Tavern sittin' up till I'm blind
She left on that 5-0-9 Eastern standard blue time

My baby left this evening I'd changed all
standard time to pacific standard time,
I swear I loved you every time.
I'm sitting in the car again the seat next to me's empty.
Time for double standards
Now who shall be blamed
With the change of weather
Scapegoats are acclaimed
Acts of no reason: populous response
outside obedience
I am no longer respected in this new transition
I put into effect, my long time standard
Disastrous living, disastrous living!
to be back on mountain standard time
Pacific standard time, Georgia state line
Thread the needle, riddle my rhyme
Come knock on my door
The fools finger wears the crown
Time to tie,
Eastern Standard time
But I miss you babe
I hope you're doing fine

Well I found a job it's nothing much but at least it pays the rent
The boss is nice
Caught cutting through the running tide.
Bleeding out;
Portrayed way past a prime tripping over words and playing tricks on time.
Eastern standard
Nevada, and New York City, New York
This will expire at five o'clock A.M. Eastern Standard Time
Please get to an underground shelter or a fallout shelter
Lang Syne
I spent on eastern standard time
Whatever happened to my roll
September fell right through the hole
All I've got is empty pockets now
Non-fiction, oh envision
If we never met and what we missed
And never really learned, Pacific Standard Time
Oh, they love those American boys

Anywhere, say
To the stories of our lives
Non-fiction, oh envision,
if we never met and what we missed
And never really learned
Pacific Standard Time
Oh they love those
to what we've been
In Eastern Standard Time

Head South through the Mid-West
Gas stops and the big rest
Is it in your best interest
To break the ties
won't tie us to your dead and sinking
We won't relive the bigotry; we won't relive the lies.

We won't relive a dead standard of old times.
The proof
Stand up feel me
Don't stand alone
For your time here now
Is the time you wanted when
Things seemed so wrong
So won't you stand up
And let your standard
time chasing standards
We never set
We know that the choice to live our lives
Lies in the palms of our hands 

And with the struggles faced just
bulletin: Dallas 
Texas, the flash, apparently official: 
President John F. Kennedy died, at 1 p.m., central standard time. 

Anybody here, seen my old
cheap and lies are expensive
My wallet's fat and so is my head
Hit and run and then I'll hit you again
I'm a smart ass but I'm playing dumb
Westside battle cry my alibi first class 

hella high when you die 

I'm changin' standard time with the yuppies 

but fuck them to and you 

to believe
Cancellation has come and I'm pulling out
It's not going to happen anymore
I've been through it too many times
Assaulted by standards