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Sorrow rebuild me as I step out of the light
Misery strengthen me as I say my goodbyes

I heal my wounds with grief
And dream of you
And weep
when you gonna wake up 
When you gonna wake up strengthen the things that remain ?

Counterfeited philosophies have polluted all of your thoughts
ever to Jesus and He'll carry you through

Just ask the Savior to help you
To comfort, strengthen and keep you
He is willing to aid you
And He will
your mind will strengthen the progression!
Lighten up! Be candid for the actions
Observe - comprehend - control - react!
Your blurred illusion withholds
Lost in a world
A guided eye to strengthen weakness
Throat in noose pain
Feel it constricting a lost love

Welcome to war
And it grows
Who gives most
Who gives most
Who gives most

The pleasure is all mine
Women like us we strengthen most host-like

When in doubt, give
When in

Who gives most
Who gives most
Who gives most

The pleasure is all mine
women like us
we strengthen most

When in doubt: give
is a feverish scream

Just close your eyelids
- it will strengthen the explosion in your mind
Defy, strengthen us all
Defy, for we are many
Rising against you

Defy, we heed the call
Defy, strengthen us all
Defy, for we are many
Schenk mir nicht nur Blicke
Give me more than glances
Und mehr als eine Nacht
And more than just one night
Staerke meine Glieder
Strengthen all
To visit a plane, exploring in time
To capture a view
To weaken the strong, to strengthen the weak
To colour a view

To visit a plane, exploring in time
with all of You 
It's You I want to strengthen me 
For all the days of my life 

How could I have ever lived without Your precious love
Everything will become clear to you
When you see things through, another's eyes
Everything will become clear to you
Whatever strengthens you, you will find
Looking out for number one.
Ours is a primed time.
The finite thrill of the loathing - a streak in our life bearing =
It strengthens to soothe
I reach out for the eternal flame 
The fire that cleanses and heals and strengthens 
The fire that will forever burn 

The flame is weak in my
Of asgaroth, nergal and behemoth
And the nameless forms of hell
Strengthen us in mind, body and will
Lift up a song
Strengthen yourself
In the joy of the Lord
Let your heart dance
You are His joy
And He's your reward

Lift up your hands
Together we
There's no two ways, you're a disgrace

Drown down your fear, suffocate every spark of clarity
Your weakness sickens me, saddens me, strengthens me
hiding in the void, come ride with me
In the darkest hour, wear your crown of stars
Pain and funeral power strengthens your black heart
Reading through
the poison in
The sands in which I played

I don't mind falling down
And scraping up my knees
Scars and stitches always fade
And only strengthen me
Internally empower
Embrace me in the son
I am weak

End what has begun
Strengthen me
Your will be done
I wish to end what has begun
I'm alone and die inside
to rest and strengthen my will
Display to me your fidelity and put my mind to rest
Transparent walls that enclose (fracture)
Separating us from the words
on the Lord and be of good courage,
He shall strengthen thine heart.

Whom shall I fear, whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life,
side of me I've grown to hate.

The trumpet of my prayers plays toward Heaven
A voice of desperation in my cry
Lord, strengthen me that I might not
forget and fail to understand 
God will strengthen me when I am weak and need a helping hand 
When no one understands or lends a helping hand 
When no

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