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My life is an endless succession
Of people saying goodbye
My life is an endless succession
Of people saying goodbye

And what's left for me?
My life is an 
Endless succession
Of people saying goodbye
My life is 
An endless succession
Of people saying goodbye
And what's left for me?
the deals, downloaded.
Succession strains.
Denied, your words shattered.
I'll breath the free air, and remain nameless.
time if you wait for a chance

In succession you want, you try, you get her
It's obsession, you want to try to get her

It's getting out of hand,
was conducting various sonic experiments
With the assistance of Mary, my wife

Anyway during one session I discovered that
By using a succession
The zeal all because

Succession after succession
To fall right into
Regenerated to suit the few

You sprang when pushed
Now no right or wrong
a succession of shivers
Running through your bones.

In the air, 
The key to global understanding without words
The Universal
to lose a privilege
A final sequence
An end to succession
down the flags
In rapid succession the thunder will crack
Powder & iron, the fire will blow
The devil is waiting to take their souls away
inside of you

This priceless moment
In your posession
Answers to mysteries
Stand in succession

This is zero hour and there's no way back
Can you
the prodigal human race

Given to mankind
For all to receive
The sacrifice of life
For all to believe

This unnatural act of love
A model for succession
Foaming with rage
Too late for all apologies

You were my detonator
Two as one
Falling down
Descending into the unknown

Broken hope in succession
you hide the details in every way. 
If you could scrap the new rails. 
For two days in succession I twisted capillaries deep in euphoniums across
The rains move in eastwards, in waves of succession
Drawing lines of grey across the sky
With history just as close as a hand on the shoulder
inside of you?
This priceless moment
In your possession.
Answers to mysteries
Stand in succession.
This is zero hour and there's no way back.
Can you
it is Old Deuteronomy

Old Deuteronomy's lived a long time
He's a cat who has lived many lives in succession
He was famous in proverb and famous in
now replayed in succession of millions
The one second I will always regret
-My hell found in its reiteration 

Held within the visualization,
will just say that she's happy enough, happy enough

Leaves haven't fallen yet but winter's been too long
Grief hits me like a succession of time
the circuit negating the fires and drowning the crowds 

Anyone, could be anyone 
Anyone, could be anyone
Without your succession ? the message transmitted

"There was a rapidfire 9 or 10, 9 or 10 shots. 
You know, rapidfire with rapid succession and loud enough it wasn't a handgun, 
It was some
The line of battle, mass domination
Front row's the place to let it go
Decibel fire, a punishing show

Smashin'em down, down to the ground

Well the lady buys a thrill 
Excitement in succession 
But a heartache won't partake 
In articulate obsession 
Well pretty things at rest
Especially for me 'cause he knows
I feel the same
'Cause happy and sad come in quick succession
I'm never going to become
What you became
of the losers
And music for lovers
For under the covers
The melody's fine
In and out of the window
In easy succession
My coloured obsession
Of frequency
You see
of pride 
 It's clear from your vacant expressions 
 The lights are not all on upstairs 
 But we're talking kings and successions 
 Even you can't be

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